Playing Tourist and the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Every once in a while we still enjoy playing tourist. Though considering the craziness of the past couple years, it’s been quite a while indeed. Before we headed north this spring, I enjoyed playing tourist and visiting with family. It was double the joy to spend time with my sister, brother in law, and niece. And I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

playing tourist
Maritime Museum of San Diego

So for this Friday Five, I give you (at least) five fun fotos of a few favorite scenes.

HMS Surprise
HMS Surprise

Surprise! The HMS Suprise that is. Walking the decks on a self-guided tour of these historic sailing ships was the best way to enjoy playing tourist on this trip.

USS Midway
USS Midway

I’m not one for playing tourist on guided tours so much. So we skipped touring the USS Midway berthed down the docks a short walk from the Maritime Museum.

safe and ready
Make Safe And Ready!

Walking the length of the massive aircraft carrier was up close and personal enough after spending the previous couple hours cruising around the old ships at the museum. Personally, I liked the many signs and displays as much as the ships.

coveted wealth
That wealth which most men covet…

I share them here to give light to those who sit in the darkness…and perchance to make one think. Or smile.

explosive dumping
What does this mean to you?

“Explosive dumping” has a much different meaning among RVers, than it does with the maritime crowd.

explosive dumping
Explosive Dumping?

Sorry, just had to add this one in here. 🙂 It wasn’t nearly as bad as that first explosive dumping experience we had our first few months on the road! But I digress yet again…

Californian Sailing Ship
The Official Tall Ship of the State of California

Not all the old ships at the Maritime Museum are really that old. The Californian was built from the ground up in 1984 at Spanish Landing in San Diego Bay.

B-39 Russian Submarine
This sub has seen better days.

There was no playing tourist below deck on the Russian Foxtrot Class attack submarine B-39. An Actual Soviet-Era Diesel-Electric Submarine, this soviet sub has gone to pasture.

truth courage wisdom
Truth. Courage. Wisdom.

We did spend plenty of time playing tourist below deck on many other ships at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. And truth be told, I gained better wisdom about the courage of all their crews.

historic canned salmon
Beyond their expiration date!

BONUS: Here’s some old salmon, just for the sake of it. WARNING: Consuming may result in more explosive dumping.

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