Ballon Rides Anyone?

And now: Back to our irregularly scheduled Friday Five! With no suggestions for this week’s random collection of five photos, I give you a Coyote, Crow, and “Ballon Rides” with Mother and a few more memorial markers…

city coyote
City Coyote – December, 2019

We caught this crafty coyote creeping around the Rio Hondo running track in East L.A. while training one day in 2019.

bc raven
B.C Raven – June, 2018

Do you know how to tell a raven from a crow? I’m pretty sure this was a raven that paid us a visit whil boondocking along Petersen Creek in B.C. But in case you haven’t noticed, I like a little alliteration.

ballon rides
What’s a Ballon Ride? – February, 2019

For $20 you’d think they could learn how to spell Balloon at FOY.

mother walter
Mother Walter – September, 2018

Check out our taphophile gallery if you like cemetery pics. This one is in Hot Springs, Montana from our 2018 visit.

pet memorial
FOY Pet Memorial Mound – December, 2017

Speaking of cemeteries and the Fountain of Youth, these pet memorial markers can be found along Denny’s Speedway.

Got a suggestion for next week’s Friday Five topic? Leave a comment, and the collection won’t be quire as random! Or, check out all our Live Work Dream Galleries for more photos from our 14+ years of nomadic living.

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