Summer Workamping Ramblings

I stumbled across this summer workamping rambling video we made last August, on a mountaintop at Vickers Ranch. It’s short, but it says so much.

Why We Went Summer Workamping Again

Every year we think “We just can’t do it again, we are so busy with our own work!” But somehow we convince ourselves that taking a summer workamping job at Vickers Ranch is going to work out just fine. And it always does. 

There’s so many reasons why we go back. The Vickers are like family to us now. The history runs deep on that land. To be a part of something so rare in today’s world is such an honor. 

Plus, we get to take incredible hikes on their property that none of the Lake City tourists get to access. Just over yonder in those hills you see in the video, thousands of tourists are swarming trails with OHVs, or lining up to hike fourteeners like Handies Peak. But not us. At least that day. We can hike for several hours on Vickers land and not see another soul.

Despite the way that summer workamping messes up our business goals and productivity, it’s always worth the effort to spend time on land that is like nowhere else on the continent.

With all their cabins now sold to private owners, and not much full-time work for us to do their anymore, odds are pretty good that our workamping gig is history. But we’ve been told we could come visit and hang out any time we want. And chances are, we will again some day.

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