Does All Natural RV Pest Control Actually Work?

We’re about to find out. All natural RV pest control seems like an oxymoron. But the eco-friendly plant-based pest prevention company EarthKind is out to prove that you can keep pests out of your home, whether it has wheels or not.

Giving All Natural RV Pest Control a Try

natural RV pest control
EarthKind has an entire family of eco-friendly RV pest prevention products.

When you take your home into the outdoors, sometimes the outdoors comes into your home. Despite what other people suggest in RV life videos and articles, completely sealing openings on an RV to keep pests out is pretty tough. When conditions are right, a determined pest will find their way into your RV. No matter how much steel wool or duct tape is covering air gaps and openings, pests happen.

(Yes, we were paid with comped product in exchange for an honest review.)

We’ve had hitchhiking rodents on a few occasions over the last 14 years, and our relationship never ended well for either of us. EarthKind approached us with an offer to test their earth friendly pest control products on the road. So we jumped at the chance. They sent us a complimentary care package of their best natural RV pest control products. We also received their mosquito repellent for people.

We agreed to try EarthKind because:

  • EarthKind makes naturally effective plant-based deterrents that don’t kill, but rather deter.
  • Their products keeps pests away from treated areas without killing or poisoning them, or pets and children that find them.
  • Products are made with ingredients grown on USA regenerative farms
  • EarthKind products are USA-made by a team of people with disabilities.
  • The company believes in working with nature, not against her.

First, we took Stay Away® Mosquitoes Insect Repellent on the trail in Fort Collins.

Jim tries EarthKind stay away pet prevention

We’ve tried plenty of natural mosquito deterrents without much success. Right away I could tell this one is different.

  • It smells great, but the scent isn’t too overpowering
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy film on your skin
  • And actually works to repel mosquitoes!

Overall, it’s a great DEET alternative when the pest factor is relatively low. I can’t say how it would work somewhere like Alaska or Minnesota, however.

Next, we took EarthKind products to our summer workamping gig.

Talk about the perfect place to test natural RV pest control and insect repellents. Here at the ranch, deer run through our campsite morning and evening, horses and dogs are always playing nearby, and ticks thrive in the pasture. We just arrived, and learned that last week the pack rats came out in droves when the current round of summer monsoons blessed western Colorado with moisture. Plenty of hungry mosquitoes are hanging out at the fishing ponds too. So this is a great place to try out a product like this without harming the environment or the critters that were here before us.

We are making good use of the Stay Away® Rodent – Repellent.

Using a powerful mix of essential oils and other powerful botanicals, this little packet provides natural RV pest control without harming the planet or pets. It’s USA-made and lasts for 30 days. EarthKind is so confident it works they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

EarthKind sent us the Stay Away Pouch Pod – Plastic-Free Extended Release Holder for the repellent. I really wanted to put it in the truck’s engine compartment where rodents have nested in the past. But I was afraid it would melt under the hood.

Dodge engine pest prevention
Can you see the previous rodent damage under the hood?

So I put it inside under the dashboard instead. 

Dodge truck pest prevention
Pest prevention inside our Dodge RAM pickup. It sure smells nice!

Next, I put the rodent repellent inside the RV’s power cord compartment. It’s one of the biggest unsealed openings on our exterior. And it’s one place where I noticed droppings when a mouse moved into the basement.

RV pest prevention by EarthKind
RV pest prevention by EarthKind in our power cord housing.

Now, we wait and see if it works!

In addition to the rodent repellents, we’ll give the Stay Away® Mosquitoes Insect Repellent a good workout here. In time I’m sure we’ll use the Stay Away® Spiders – Deterrent too. But I really hope we don’t need it. I expect it should work pretty well based on EarthKind product reviews on Amazon and the company website. I’ll keep you posted in the comments below. Check back in about a month.


2 thoughts on “Does All Natural RV Pest Control Actually Work?”

  1. I am looking forward to see how all these work for you! Especially the rodent repellent. We have all those troubles here at home!

    • Well, I’m happy to report that no critters have moved in yet. And the bug spray works GREAT up here! There is so much water at the ranch, we have tons of skeeters and the spray does the job. Also, this morning a large ant colony moved in underneath our patio mat. I put their ant repellent on top, sprinkled some diatomaceous earth around and Wham! Bam! They are GONE!

      I’m totally digging this stuff. I like knowing I’m not using poisons.


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