Not All Marathon Photos Are Running Pics

So…I’ve shared my results from The Loneliest Marathon. While we wait for Rene to share hers, I thought I’d search all our nomadic lifestyle galleries for marathon photos. You may be surprised by the results. So here’s another random collection of Fun Friday Fotos

cheap gas

We’ve only just completed our third marathon, after nearly thirteen years on the road. So it’s no big surprise that nearly half of the 71 search results have nothing to do with running.

magic burro

It may be a surprise that this gallery search count more than doubled in less than two years, considering the oldest marathon search result is from 2012. And we’ve only run three marathons.

big rabbit

Can you guess where most of these were taken?

Team Tripawds

And who is this handsome Tripawd Trio?

el cemetario

Who is this guy, and what marathon killed him?

white buffalo

And what on earth does this have to do with any marathon? Mmmmm…White Buffalo.

old wagon wheels

It might be more appropriate to capitalize “Marathon” for many of these.


Okay, I just gave it away. But seriously, The Gage! Mmmmmmm…


She earned that one this week!


I’m looking forward to the day travels can once again continue as normal, though I’m sure it will be some sort of new normal.


But yes, there are plenty of running pics now, that is for certain.

bizz johnson

And that number will likely continue to grow, and we keep on hurtin’.

colorado marathon

What random collection of fun fotos shall we find for next Friday?

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