Our Dodge Truck (Did Not) Get Stuck

We love our truck. This baby has seen us through 200,000 miles and counting. And recently, it did something it’s never done before. It gave a little Dodge RAM roadside assistance love to our friend, Dutch Marc.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Fountain of Youth

One day while driving back to Fountain of Youth, we happened to come upon our friend Marc stuck by the side of the road. The previous night he was scouting around for a place to boondock for the night, before checking into the park the next day. But his old Mellow Yellow ended up stuck in some seriously slimy mud.

GMC Motorhome Gets Stuck in Mud
Mellow Yellow wasn’t going anywhere.

He and Jim decided that the Dodge could pull him out. I wanted to help our friend, but was a little skeptical. I didn’t want us to end up like my favorite Corb Lund song, Truck Got Stuck:

Jim tried to reassure me that we had a DODGE and this would not happen. It could easily pull the 1973 GMC from the mud, he said. When a friend showed up with a properly rated tow strap, I reluctantly agreed. And this is what happened:

Well, I guess that sometimes men do know what they’re talking about.

Dodge pulls GMC Motorhome
Two men, one tow strap and a Dodge. What could go wrong?

2 thoughts on “Our Dodge Truck (Did Not) Get Stuck”

  1. Good work you guys! Love the song. Reminded me of a scene we encountered a couple weeks ago when visiting a local historic farm. A guy on a forklift was trying to move something and got stuck in the mud. So a guy on a tractor hooked up a chain to pull him out and his wheels started spinning. We probably coulda pulled both of them out at once with our Ram 3500 but were just leaving to get our sick dog home asap. Here’s hoping the karmic goddesses will take pity on us if (I know, I know, when…) we ever get stuck!

    • Ain’t that the best song? Glad you enjoyed it. And oh how I wished I had driven by that scene, sounds exactly like the song. Once we had to pull our truck out of a greasy, muddy, sloppy mess behind a barn, by using a tractor, and could have easily gotten stuck.

      Yes, your 3500 can do those things and then some!


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