Another Dryuary Challenge. Who’s With Us?

On Christmas Day I felt as fat as a stuffed tamale and as boozy as a Blue Nun. While Jim and I sipped our cocktails at the dive bar, he asked unenthusiastically “So, are we going to do the Dryuary Challenge again?

2020 Dryuary Challenge (again)
Mocktails, here we come!

At first I said no way. “I’ve done it. I know I can stop anytime. Besides, we’re not officially in peak marathon training season yet. And we decided to not drink for the month before the marathons. We can do it then.” Basically I thought of every excuse not to cut myself off from the sauce.

But by New Year’s Eve, I caved. “Dryuary is good for us. It’s smart to take a break from booze,” I figured. Maybe some of the tamale rolls I acquired will melt away too.

“We’re in. Let’s do it,” I told him.

“Oh. Great.” 

What’s one month right?  

This time around, sobriety is extra challenging. That’s because we have a nice little bar going on, stocked with our favorite adult beverage fixings. Last Dryuary, we got rid of everything before going dry. This year we’ve got the extra hurdle of having this stuff in the house and not drinking it. Nothing like having the devil hiding behind a cabinet to tease us for the rest of the month. 

Each time we stop drinking for the challenge, I get that much closer to seeing how unnecessary alcohol is to living a happy life. This year, we’ll be doing at least two marathons and a trail race, which means three more month-long abstinence challenges. I know I can handle each of those 30 day tests. Will I miss our happy hour cocktails? You bet!

Each Dryuary challenge and no-booze training month pushes me that much closer to total sobriety. But I’m not there yet. I don’t know if I ever will be. How about you? 

6 thoughts on “Another Dryuary Challenge. Who’s With Us?”

  1. I’m with you in “spirit” and will toast to you both tonight. LOL
    But seriously, good for you guys. I think it counts more if you have the booze in the house. Much easy not to drink if there is no temptation. I have given up hangovers, don’t miss them one bit.

  2. Nope! Not me…..a glass of wine after a particularly horrendous shift at work is my reward for making it through without losing my mind! Maybe when I retire? So when you visit in August, will you be “dry” then? Tina and I will try not to tempt you when we have our nightly cocktail if you are.
    P.S. with all the training coming up for all the marathons, I would think you don’t have to worry about the alleged “tamale rolls”

    • I hear ya and forgive ya Paula! It’s been challenging to do this, especially on the weekend. Sundays aren’t the same. Meanwhile there is NO WAY we can stay dry in Wisconsin! Is anyone?! Our Belgium relatives gave us that ol’ homemade pear wine last time we were there (and an historic hangover that followed) and we are seeing them again this trip. I’m stocking up on Ibuprophen and Alka Seltzer before we go!

  3. Hi Rene

    As you know I went 13 years without after a serious head injury, so it can be done.
    We have shared drinks on the desert in the past with you and Jim and enjoyed every sip.
    I will join you this year, It will be easier for me as I have not had a beer since Sept 2019 and I don’t miss it.

    Gord from Canada

    • Wow right on Gord! Dropping the beer is going to melt away any extra pounds you don’t want, if that’s part of the goal. Maybe you can join us on a run some day too! Enjoy the sobriety, you’re our hero.


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