Magic Pie Memories Upon Our Return to Pietown

The universe works in mysterious ways, or perhaps I should say this particular corner of the multiverse.

Pieoneer Pies
Pie-O-Neer Pies

Interesting how I mentioned that “center of the universe” bit in last Friday’s post with photos from Luckenbach, which I wrote upon arrival at a favorite boondocking spot across from our favorite little pie shop –  Pieoneer Pies, nowhere other than Pietown of course!

Pie Zone
Pie Zone

Interesting why? It’s not just the pie…

Pie Bar
Pie Bar at the end of the day.

When I walked in to cash in some pie credit, I noticed a stack of guestbooks, just a half dozen or so from the numerous crates full of spiral bound notebooks the Pie Lady of Pie Town has collected over the past 25 years and stacked all around the office.

Pie-o-neer Guest Book
Pie-o-neer Guest Book – April, 2008

Immediately I asked to see the book from April, 2008. It took a while, but we found it. Opening to a certain page, my jaw dropped – and not from all the pie we were enjoying. You see, it was exactly eleven years ago to the day when we first showed up on those rickety wooden steps with our three legged dog…shortly after closing hours, when the kind Pie Lady let us in, served us pie, and welcomed us into her heart – and her own little corner of the universe.

Pie-o-neer Players
Pie-o-neer Players, Pietown NM

See what we wrote there, way back then?

pieoneer memories
Eleven Years to the day of our return.

And how I wrote those same words upon our arrival eleven years later! Woah…

very large array
VLA searching for pie in the sky.

As I told my favorite Pie People during this recent visit, I’ll say it again. Pie Town is one of the few places I feel at home, and there’s no place like home. We shall return, again.

4 thoughts on “Magic Pie Memories Upon Our Return to Pietown”

    • Ohhh wow! I saw Kathy’s FB post about you and forgot to click the link, thank you so much for stopping by. It would be really fun to meet up at some point, do keep in touch. And yeah, Pie Town and The Pie-O-Neer is magical for sure.

    • Well worth it! Make it the first Saturday in April or October, and you can catch the open Very Large Array open house, and public access to the closed Trinity site. Just head to Pietown first for the best pick of pie!


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