SimpleTire Makes Buying New Truck Tires Simple for RVers

Before launching our voyage north to Alaska, we had one last thing to do to prepare. We needed new truck tires.

Hwy 97 Mount Shasta, California

Getting new tires for a rig is way different than getting them for a passenger car. When you’ve been on the road as long as we have, you know what tires work best for your rig and only that tire will do. Unfortunately most shops don’t carry our tire model, so procuring them has always been a chore. Finding dealers on our route, ordering prepaid tires through them, waiting for our tires’ arrival then scheduling an appointment was always a total pain. Until now.

Why We Will Use SimpleTire Again

We have never considered ordering tires online. And Jim has never been inspired to produce such a glowing product review video as this. Then SimpleTire encouraged us to publish an honest review of our experience using their website – just as we happened to be shopping for new tires for our Dodge Ram 2500 pickup.

SimpleTire takes the hassle out of new RV tires. The ability to have our brand of tires shipped and installed anywhere we travel is a major benefit. With SimpleTire we could better time our arrival somewhere by buying the tires online and scheduling a convenient installation appointment at the same time!

Old Michelin Truck Tires has a huge inventory of tires for vehicles of all sizes. There’s no more calling around to different shops. Being able to select an installer convenient to our itinerary made our travel plans way easier. This was another one of those cost of lifestyle decisions, and the choice was simple.

Brooks Automotive Tire Shop Mt. Shasta, CA

We already knew the tires we wanted for our 4WD Dodge Ram 2500, and were happy to see them come up first in the search results at, simply by entering our vehicle details.

I was also pleased to see that the prices were right in line with Costco, and cheaper than two major retail chains we called.

  • $225.00 ea. (+ Install Fee TBD)
  • America’s Tire: $220.00 ea. (+ $110 install)
  • Discount Tire: $220.00 ea. (+ $110 install)
  • $219.97 ea. (+ $90 install)
  • Costco Tire Center: $212.00 ea. (+ $80 install)

New Michelin Defender Truck Tires

How To Buy RV & Truck Tires Online

Purchasing our new tires from SimpleTire was quick, convenient and cost effective. The online ordering process was simple, delivery was fast, and we found a quality installer located on our planned travel route.

Simpletire Website

1. Visit

Enter your vehicle specifications, or search for specific tires. Shop by vehicle type or tire size and enter a zip code for delivery.

Simpletire Website

2. Review search results.

Find your desired tires. They appear to have them all! We already had specific tires picked out, and they came up as the first search result.

Simpletire Website

3. Select shipping.

Enter your desired delivery destination. Get free shipping when you select a Preferred Local Installation Center. SimpleTire partners with more than 3,000 qualified installer locations. You also have the option to get a deal on shipping when delivered to the mechanic of your choice, or paying full shipping fees to have the tires delivered to your current location.

Brooks Automotive Tire Shop Mt. Shasta, CA

We chose a preferred local installer with excellent reviews on Yelp. Brooks Automotive was conveniently located in Mount Shasta, just a mile down the road from the first stop on our trip to Alaska. Shipping only took two days, even to our rural delivery destination.

Just click Ship and Schedule to pick a convenient time for your installation appointment. Your email address is required to receive your receipt.

Simpletire Website

4. Enter payment.

Select preferred payment method and complete your purchase securely using any major credit card or Paypal. Don’t have enough cash? The Affirm credit plan lets you make payments on your tire purchase.

Once finished, you can create a SimpleTire account to review your order history and track delivery.

Simpletire Website

Sure, we may have been compensated to share our SimpleTire experience, but we are always brutally honest about any product reviews we publish. And from what we gather, we will likely need new trailer tires by the time we return from Alaska. So stay tuned, because we’re happy to have finally found a simple way to buy tires online from anywhere we roam.


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