Things You Only Hear RVing

There’s nothing like being back on the road after sitting in one place all season. Today was bittersweet as we left Fort Collins, one of our favorite towns in the U.S., and began the long westward trek to California. We’ll be roaming around the state for a while, doing our best to avoid California’s overpriced crowded RV parks and seeing friends and family.

Things you only hear RVing

As we waved goodbye to the Rockies and said hello to the road life again, we thought about all the things that you only hear RVing, including:

“Hey honey, want me to heat up your coffee before I put the toaster in the microwave?â€

“I love an audience when we’re dumping.â€

“Are we gonna fit?â€

“Careful opening cabinets.â€

“Good morning. Where are we?â€

“Did you put the potatoes under the couch?â€

“Move, I gotta go to the bathroom!â€

“Do we have enough water to wash my hair?â€

“Watch that elbow!â€

“Get off the couch, I gotta bring the slide in.â€

“I wonder if my hose is long enough?â€

And perhaps the most unique thing you hear RVing:

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Any More Things You Only Hear RVing?

Things you only hear RVing
This lifestyle rocks our world more than motorcycling ever did.

The RVing lifestyle is a one-of-a-kind non-stop adventure filled with all sorts of crazy things you’ll never experience otherwise. I’m sure you have your share of funny things you say when you’re RVing. Share them in the comments below, we would love to hear them!

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  1. “Hey, Honey. I bet I can clean the whole kitchen before this song is over.”

    “Wait. What day is it today?”

    “If we each lost ten pounds, we’d be within our GVW allowance and wouldn’t have to get rid of anything else.”


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