Full-time RVing Redux

Ten years and three months after we became full-time RVers, we’re houseless once more. Today as I compose this from the Fort Collins Colorado KOA, I’m both grateful and sad that we are no longer property owners.

Done Deal, Red Feather Property Sold
The only stuff we kept fit in that U-haul, with room to spare.

The deal is done. Our dream mountain property that represented the peaceful spirit of our dear Jerry G Dawg is now part of our previous life, but it will live on forever. That’s because Jerry’s Acres is more powerful than any property deed. It’s state of mind where we’ll do our best to follow his example and make the most of every day. To live in the Now. To Be More Dog.

For the record, we both wanted the property when we purchased it in 2009. But all property ownership comes at a price and ours kept me up at night. It also kept us working more than we wanted to just to pay for things like insurance and maintenance. As much as I loved this place, it caused me stress.

Wyatt's Last Look at Jerry's Acres
Wyatt will miss his free-roaming freedom at Jerry’s Acres.

Jim would have kept the house, spectacular views, the wildlife encounters and solitude forever. But even with our name on the title, I just couldn’t stop fretting about the costs of keeping the summertime getaway. Eventually we confronted the cost of ownership head on.  

Ask any couple who’s been together a long time and they’ll tell you that strong, happy relationships require compromise. Jim did more than his fair share of that when he agreed to put our place up for sale. I’ll always be indebted for it.

Downsizing to full-time RVing
Far less stuff than the first time we downsized.

The downsizing to full-time RVing process consumed our summer. We got rid of so many things that took up space or would be appreciated and enjoyed by others. Finally, we crammed only our most meaningful, irreplaceable and sentimental possessions into a 5×10 storage unit. And Jim got to keep his old man’s chair, even though I think it’s the most hideous piece of furniture. See, even I compromised.

Downsizing to full-time RVing

I’m sad and melancholy that we sold it, but relieved too. With nothing but the wheels under our feet and the few things that fit in this 27′ container we call home, the future’s wide open. People keep asking “What’s the plan?”, perhaps secretly wondering if opting out of property ownership automatically turns us into shiftless drifters with an uncertain future. No, it won’t. 

Red Feather Aspen Forest
Before leaving, we scattered some of Jerry’s ashes for the first time.

We will still work from the road as always, and seek out the adventures we love while enjoying a far lower cost of living. And at night when we lay our heads on the pillow we can feel secure knowing that Jerry’s Acres is always in our hearts, and home is truly wherever we park it.

5 thoughts on “Full-time RVing Redux”

  1. Hi guys. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now and have just seen that you owned property! My husband, Vern, and I have been full-timing for seven years having lost our home to foreclosure after Vern’s failed back surgery and the company I worked for going out of business. We have been Workampers during these seven years and have loved every minute – almost. We travel with a 10 year-old part-St. Bernard, a 10 year-old deaf white cat and an eleven month old Chi-Weenie.
    It was hard at first selling all our possessions except a few that live in a storage facility but I don’t miss the responsibility of bricks and mortar home ownership. Our 35ft fifth wheel is our lovely little home and we enjoy it to the fullest.
    I wish you well on your travels – be safe and worry-free as much as you are able!

    • Hi Marge and Vern! How wonderful that you travel with such a cool bunch of fur kids, and that the lifestyle has worked out well for you. I agree, workamping isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but for the most part it’s a terrific way to save some money and enjoy new places. If you ever want to write a guest blog post about your experience workamping, just let us know, we would love to share it!

      And we totally relate: sticks and bricks is vastly over-rated. Happy travels to you as well. Hope to see you on the road some day.


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