Full-timing is Easier with RVers Online University

Kids today. Life is much easier for young’uns dreaming of hitting the road. Back in our day we learned about RVing by making dumb mistakes! If the new Escapees RVers Online University was around when we started 10 years ago, we could have avoided so many blunders.

Go to School and Stop Making Dumb Mistakes.

RVers online university
Learn from expert RVers.

In 2006 when we first started RVing we didn’t know the difference between a sewer donut and a doughnut. Good RVing books were available but the only really effective way to learn about the lifestyle was to do it.

Unfortunately when you jump into something feet first, you land in the school of hard knocks. It took about a year before Jim and I felt confident about our RV’s systems, capabilities and limitations. But we still didn’t know everything. Over the next decade we learned plenty of expensive, frustrating lessons.

RVers Online University
“we didn’t even have to play dumb, as easy as that is for us.”

Things are different for today’s aspiring full-timers. Look around the Internet and you’ll find it cluttered with hundreds of full-time RVing “experts.” Their energy is contagious but many of them haven’t been on the road very long. And I know that when we were newbies, we thought we knew more than we actually did. Hell, we’re still learning. That’s why we love this lifestyle so much.

But there’s a better way to learn if you’re new. Forget YouTube. Get RVing knowledge from real experts at Escapees RVers Online University. This online learning experience is live and available to everyone, even if you’re not a member of the club.

What You Get with RVers Online University (RVOU)

RVers Online UniversityFirst you should know that we are not getting paid to promote RVOU. We just love Escapees RV Club and feel this new endeavor is so valuable that every new (and even experienced) RVer needs to know about it. RVOU is exciting to us for lots of reasons.

  1. At $59* it’s a total bargain. RVOU has everything that students learn at Escapees’ popular “RVers’ Boot Camp” live events — but for a fraction of the cost.
  2. You don’t need to be an Escapees member to enroll.
  3. Real experts teach the courses.  Students learn from the most trusted experts in the RVing lifestyle, like Escapees Safety Director Mark Nemeth.
  4. You get three months to complete the courses. Watch the detailed instructional videos in your spare time instead of cramming all that information into your brain at a live event.

*The cost will go up later.

Every aspect of the RVing lifestyle is covered in detail.

RVers online university
Everything about RVing is covered in the courses.

Here’s what you learn at RVOU.

  • Choosing the best RV for full-timing
  • RV systems basics
  • Maintenance know-how
  • The ins-and-outs of towing
  • RV weighing and load limits
  • Lifestyle insight and more!

If you’re already on the road there’s plenty for you too.

Escapees courses also include refreshers on RV driving tips for emergencies and changing conditions. Personal security is also in the mix. Soon the courses will also include learning modules about domicile, budgeting and other RV lifestyle needs.

Why RVOU Stands Out from Other RV Lifestyle Teaching Tools

RVers Online University
Even he can learn from RVOU.

We haven’t even finished the courses but after just a few videos we could see how beneficial RVOU is for this lifestyle. Escapees has clearly put a ton of effort into the project.

RVOU is on a user-friendly learning platform that even non-techies can figure out. It’s not just videos included with the schooling. For example:

  • Users can take, and re-take, as many lessons as needed
  • Test yourself by completing course assessments
  • Get direct access to instructors for follow-up questions.
  • Printable handouts are included. Get offline access to key information.

And there’s one more key point that will make this worth your while: RV insurance discounts! All RVOU graduates get a discount on RV insurance through BancorpSouth Insurance Services Inc, an Escapees member and approved service provider.

We just love this new RV lifestyle learning experience, and know you will too. Enroll at RVers Online University today and I guarantee you’ll get the confidence you need to stop making dumb newbie mistakes.

RVers Online University

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