What a long strange trip it’s been…

It’s nearly two years since we’ve been back to Jerry’s Acres, and our latest RVing map reveals the wild and crazy ways we went all the while.

RV Travel Map
I’ve been everywhere man…

More importantly, it’s been 10 Years since we hit the road!

Ten Year RV Lifestyle Anniversary

I’ve never really cared for the term “nomadiversary” but June 2nd, 2017 marked ten years since the day we drove away and embarked on our new nomadic lifestyle. My how time flies…

Eureka, CA
Pending Launch: June, 2007

I will never forget finally pulling away from the curb after the stressful sale of our business and all our planning and preparation, only to burst out in laughter for no apparent reason other than pure joy. Our travels have since taught us how laughing on purpose can help soothe any situation, but there I go digressing again.

Highlights from a Decade Full-timing

What has been the best part of your travels? Where are your favorite places? We get these questions all the time. I hate these questions. Why? It’s all good. OK, there have been some hard times and close calls, but this life is what we make of it and I learned early on to make the most of it.

Happy Camper
Happy Snabber at Gopher Flats: February, 2009

Of course, there are certain places, people and events that stand out for me from our first decade of wandering. From those dear friends we left behind at our send-off, who will always be in our hearts…

Launch Party
Arcata, CA: June 2, 2007

…to the Nü friends we’ve met online and on the road.

NüRVers Quartzsite Convergence: January, 2011

In fact, we’ve met quite a few fun characters along the way. Some who enlightened and entertained us.

Charon and Lexie
Nü Years in Borrego Springs: January, 2014

And some that make us feel like family.

Larry and Paulette Vickers: July, 2008

Places we prefer? There are few that feel more like home than Vickers Ranch.

Vickers Upper Ranch
Vickers Upper Ranch: May, 2015

Of all our favorite places to camp in the West though, our hearts are always at home in Texas. Boondocking in Big Bend and Black Gap are all time favorites.

Big Bend Boondocking
Big Bend Boondocking: February, 2014

And always, “Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain…”

First Luckenbach Pilgrimage: February, 2008

But I will never forget that month we spent in Basin and Range one week!

Basin and Range
Boondocking in Basin and Range: November, 2015

Workamping has also played a major role in our journey, so far. Again, our best times have been workamping at Vickers Ranch.

Vickers Ranch Workamping
Vickers Ranch Workamping: July 2014

It all began back in 2007, at our first workamping job on White Rabbit Acres organic farm.

Farmer Rene: December, 2007

And Riverbend Hot Springs was another most memorable workamping job.

Riverbend Hot Springs
Riverbend Hot Springs: April, 2008

We’ve found all our favorite workamping jobs thanks to our Workamper News Gold membership.

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As for events, the most memorable have been made by the music.

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ray Wylie Hubbard in Alpine, TX: March, 2014

Ever since the first time we saw Ray Wylie at the Alpine Artwalk benefit, we’ve been keeping an eye out for him and never miss a chance to catch him live.

RWH at Gruene Hall
RWH at Gruene Hall: May, 2014
Luckenbach Dance Hall
Ray and Lucas, with Aaron Lee Tasjan at Luckenbach: May, 2016

Then there was Willie at Morongo, the Whitfords on the porch, and the Mavericks at the Lumberyard.

The Mavericks
Eddie Perez & Raul Malo, up close and personal: May 2015

My favorite entertainment, however, has to be enjoying the sounds of miss Rita Lim in the Parlor Lounge at the El Cortez with Joey Ugarte and the Jazz Vibrations.

Rita Lim
That’s real Vegas baby.

A couple other experiences stand out, and they also happened on Fremont Street or nearby. First there was my best birthday ever, with Sam and Tracy.

Vegas Zombies
2013 Las Vegas Zombie Walk

Then there was another best birthday celebration with Ari and Kim.

Mushashi Tepanyaki
Mushashi Tepanyaki: October, 2016

Which brings us to the food…oh so many good eats everywhere! Where to begin?

Pieoneer Pies, Pie Town, NM: November, 2015

From the Kolache Trail in Texas to Pie Town, New Mexico…Mad Taco, Florida’s, El Camino, El Charro, El Tepeyac, and Herby K’s…

Herby K's
Herby K’s in Shreveport, LA: November, 2012

Not to mention the so many fine dive bars and drinking establishments out there!

The Golden Tiki
The Golden Tiki in Las Vegas, NV: March, 2017

We’re clearly going to need another ten years to find and enjoy more of all the good food, drink and fun the road has to offer.

Luckenbach, Texas
Luckenbach, TX: May, 2014

Won’t you join us along the way?

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