Nomads, a Love Story

Twenty years ago today, two twenty-something kids made things official at a gorgeous seaside ranch in Carmel, California. We got hitched on the most perfect day ever.

Jim Nelson, Rene Agredano
Who were those kids?!

That crazy looking guy with the serial killer look and the heart of gold won me over for life.

What a hoot to look back at these photos and smile at the unsuspecting, silly young couple staring back at us. On our wedding day it was hard to imagine what the next 20 years would bring. All that we knew for sure is that we would opt out of being parents and we loved being in nature. We’ve been so fortunate to get to follow our bliss, living and working off the beaten path.

Jim Nelson, Rene Agredano
His long hair didn’t even scare my parents.

Our days haven’t always been easy and life’s not always a picnic. As anyone with an enduring marriage can testify, creating your own road in life with another human being is hard work. I’m also not the easiest person to love or live with, especially when things get tough. But thanks to Jim’s wisdom and patience, I’ve acquired the tools to handle whatever life brings . . . and put our commitment to each other ahead of everything else.

Two decades after that once-in-a-lifetime wedding day on May 17, 1997, I still feel like the luckiest road-trippin’ gal on earth.

Jim Nelson, Rene Agredano
The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.

Happy 20th Anniversary Baby! May the next 20 years be just as incredible as the last.

I love you forever.



11 thoughts on “Nomads, a Love Story”

  1. Awwwwwwww! So much happiness for you guys. I do think Jim should revisit the long haired look as a vintage tribute to that young kid.

  2. Thank you. I love your story. And the photos … Wow.
    We became parents, finished that up as the captain spent decades skippering large vessels mostly in Alaska.
    We are now living out a new dream. Started fulltiming on April First this year. Surely no significance to the date at all.

    • You are welcome Nancy! Thanks for reading. It sounds like you have had quite an adventure yourselves and lots more to come. I love the 4/1 full-timing date! Congrats and happy travels.

  3. Well heck you guys just made our day, thank you so much for the good wishes and kind words, it means more than you know.

    P.S. yeah I guess the mind is going, I forgot Jim was 30 when we got married. Doh!

  4. Congrads, Jim & Rene! So why the white hair, Jim? Thought Rene was calm, cool, and collected?

    Just teasing – as you said, a marriage together, for a long time, takes a lot of effort – from each partner. But overall, a good, successful marriage is extremely fulfilling, isn’t it….

    By the way, really enjoy your articles, and pics…keep em comin…….Bette & Glen Horsmann

  5. Happy Anniversary. Here is to many many more years together and for you wonderful life. I am glad I got to meet the two of you silly kids


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