How To Live Your RV Dream

Yes, you can live your RV dream!

When Rene and I first decided to travel full-time in an RV ten years ago, we spent months planning and preparing for the nomadic lifestyle change. Friends and family thought we were crazy, and while we did find a few blogs and forums about fulltime-RVing, we were basically on our own. It was pretty scary, but all our research paid off. Ten years later, we are still perfectly happy living and working on the road.

Had you asked me back then if this would be the case, or if I might be considered an expert on the subject, I would have crazy laughed at you. 😆

How to make your dream RV life come true:

Thanks to the expert panel and RV Dream podcast series Melissa Dafnis has put together, living the RV Dream can now become a reality more quickly and easily for anyone yearning for the freedom, adventure, and excitement that can only be found by traveling in an RV.

RV Dream Summit

We are honored to be included in the interviews Melissa has recorded for Your RV Dream Summit.

In this free podcast series you will discover important details about the RV Lifestyle, learn how to make money while you travel, and live a life of freedom & adventure.

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In our half-hour segment, Rene and I share tips for making a living on the road, and how to live together is a small space without killing each other. We discuss the various home-based income methods we have developed, and talk about workamping as a way of life to save on rent and support our lifestyle.

RV Dream Summit
More than 20 Expert RV Dream Summit Panelists! See them all here.

The expert panel for Your RV Dream Summit includes more than 20 long-time RVers and industry experts. Hear from Workamper News founder Steve Anderson about the benefits of workamping. Learn about the ins and outs of RVing from RV Educator Mark Polk, and what it’s like traveling with kids from Kimberly at Fulltime Families.

When you join us with Melissa and 20 other experts for these interviews, you’ll discover:

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  • What the RV Lifestyle is Really Like,
  • Why This Is A Great Lifestyle, whether you do it full-time or part-time
  • How Easy and Affordable It Can Be,
  • How To Choose the Right RV for You,
  • The Many Ways There Are to Make Money While You Travel,
  • How To Include Children and Pets, and
  • Live a Life of Freedom, Travel, Exploration, and Adventure


Whether you are a new RVer, or have been on the road a while you will benefit from the tips we all share. But if you are still dreaming of a life of freedom on the open road then this is definitely for you!

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Each daily podcast is a short, information-packed interview, because we know you’re busy! Each interview is no longer than 30 minutes. You’ll receive advice from proven experts who have been there and done that. They’re sharing real-life experiences and know-how so you can take action right after you hear the interviews.

PLUS: Each expert has a link to their website and a free gift right below their interview. You’ll be able to connect with all of us right away to help you move forward and live your life of freedom and adventure.

Advice For RV Lifestyle Dreamers

Have you ever thought to yourself  that there must be more to life than this? Are you yearning for the freedom, adventure, and excitement that can only be found by traveling in an RV?

Maybe you feel unfulfilled. Maybe you’re tired of the rat race. Maybe you’ve been browsing through my website or blog and thought, “Someday I’d love to live and travel in an RV.”

Well good news: Your “someday” is here! If you dream of living, traveling, exploring, and experiencing life in an RV, join us for this FREE interview series:

Your RV Dream:
Discover the Lifestyle, Make Money While You Travel, and Live a Life of Freedom and Adventure

Solo RVer Melissa Dafnis has brought together 21 experts (including us!) to share our advice for helping you to achieve Your RV Dream. Melissa believes, as we do, that you can achieve your dream, and listening to this audio summit will be a great first step!

It all starts Monday, May 8th, 2017 and you can join us at no cost by registering here:

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When you go to the link above and sign up to join us, you’ll receive actionable advice you can use right away to begin to use to achieve the life of your dreams in an RV.

Melissa Dafnis
RV Dream Consultant Melissa Dafnis
RV Dream Summit Free Gift
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Melissa is the perfect person to host this interview series; she’s done extensive research, has plenty of experience, and is living her dream in a big RV with her 2 dogs, Tigger and Roo.

Melissa knows what she’s talking about. We find her story inspirational and highly recommend her as the source for learning how to live the dream RV life. She makes sure you get powerful information you can use right away to begin pursuing Your RV Dream.

We are so happy to be part of this audio summit and share our advice and wisdom about living and working together on the road with you. I believe that you deserve to live Your RV Dream life!

Here’s that link again where you can sign up to join us at no cost:

Share this link with anyone you know who is considering a lifestlye change to live the RV Dream!

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In addition to free registration to the Your RV Dream Summit, Melissa is offering you a FREE gift that is worth a lot! Once you register, you can immediately download this free PDF report called: “Wanna Live Your RV Dream? Avoid These 5 Mistakes! The Keys to Saving Money, Time, and Effort.” 

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In case you’re wondering who some of the other speakers are, check out the registration page for a complete list:

Your RV Dream <<< Grab Your Spot Now!

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