More Fifth Wheel Hitch Maintenance Tips

If you haul a fifth wheel trailer, read these helpful tips and take these important steps to maintain your hitch in top condition.

Pullrite Superglide Hitch Plate Tilts

Does your auto-sliding fifth wheel hitch plate assembly tilt to one side? Below are steps for two simple repairs to prevent possible damage from hitching up with the top plate at such an angle.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]If you’re not sure what the plate assembly is, or you are looking for a Pullrite manual, download the SuperGlide 20K Owner’s Manual here.[/box] 

Rocker Arm Pivot Bolt
SuperGlide Hitch Rocker Arm Pivot Bolt

How to Repair SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitch Spring

The purpose of the Rocker Arm Spring on the Pullrite SuperGlide fifth wheel hitch is to maintain a level position for the rocker arm and attached top plate assembly. Over time this simple leaf spring can become bent or flattened. Our hitch is now almost ten years old, and one side of the spring had finally snapped off.

Broken Rocker Arm Spring
Broken Rocker Arm Spring

When I noticed the top plate on our hitch tilting to one side, I discovered that the spring under the rocker arm was broken. After replacing the spring, the top plate is once again always level and bounces back whenever tilted to one side or the other.

New Rocker Arm Spring
Newly Replaced Rocker Arm Spring

Steps to Replace Rocker Arm Spring

  1. Release pin clips and remove Rocker Arm Clevis Pins.
  2. Lift off Top Plate Assembly and set aside.
  3. Remove Pivot Bolt from center of Rocker Arm.
  4. Lift Rocker Arm out of the Turntable Cam Arm assembly.
  5. Turn Rocker Arm upside down to expose spring.
  6. Remove spring bolt and washer.
  7. Install new Rocker Arm Spring and reassemble hitch components.
Rocker Arm Pivot Bolt
Pivot Bolt Aligned with Stop

NOTE: Align Pivot Bolt to Tighten

The head of the Rocker Arm Pivot Bolt must align with its stop for the bolt to be fully inserted. The stop will prevent the bolt from turning so you can tighten it with just one wrench. Align the bolt properly and insert it completelt before attempting to tighten the nut. 

How to Replace SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitch Shims

If you have an older SuperGlide hitch like we do, you may have shims installed between the Rocker Arm and Turntable Cam Arm braces.

SuperGlide Rocker Arm Shims
SuperGlide Rocker Arm with Old Shims

If not, and/or if your Rocker Arm is loose, get some shims from Pullrite. These shims will help keep the Rocker Arm tight, but over time they too can become rusted and flattened or bent.

Old and New Rocker Arm Shims
Replacing Old Rocker Arm Shims

Steps to Replace Rocker Arm Shims

  1. Follow the steps above to remove Rocker Arm from the Turntable Cam Arm assembly.
  2. Remove old shim and compare to new one, ensuring the specified thickness is the same.
  3. Insert shim in place and align with pivot hole.
  4. Replace Rocker Arm and insert Pivot Bolt through arm and shim.
  5. Tighten Pivot Bolt and re-attach Top Plate Assembly
New Rocker Arm Shim
New Rocker Arm Shim in Place

Don’t have an auto-sliding hitch? You’re missing out!

I love my Superglide. With regular maintenance and frequent inspection, I hope to plan it performing well for at least another ten years. Keep those rails lubed!

Any Questions?

Check out my video about our Pullrite SuperGlide fifth wheel hitch benefits for more information and maintenance tips.


2 thoughts on “More Fifth Wheel Hitch Maintenance Tips”

  1. How do you stop the hitch from sliding for and aft? It is an older hitch and needs grease on the rails, not WD40

    • The Pullrite auto-sliding hitch cannot “slide for and aft” as the head must turn for it to move along the rails. If it is turning and sliding when unhitched, the stopper at top/center needs tightening. We only ever use white lithium grease on the rails. Check out our hitch overview video for more information.


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