Home for the Holidays

Got Hookups?

We don’t need much! Stock the fridge and run a hose to the curb. We’ll be there in time for dinner, and if you have a sewer drain in the gutter we can stay as long as you want…or longer!

Happy Holidays from those crazy nomads.

To all our friends and family we haven’t seen in forever, we miss you dearly and think of you often. No, seriously. We look forward to getting together again, hopefully sooner than later.*

Roger that for all those fun new friends we’ve met since hitting the road. You know who you are. Can’t wait ’til our paths cross again down the road.

For all our faithful blog subscribers and random readers, thank you for being part of our online family!

To every single person seeing this. We hope your holidays are always filled with joy, and you feel at home wherever you are.

Driveway Surfing at the Mansion

Where Do Full-time RVers Call Home?

I learned long before hitting the road that “home” is wherever it is you feel most at home. Yeah, your house is your home. But feeling at home is about much more more than living in a house. I live in my house, it just has wheels. Good thing too, because some places feel much more homey than others.

Home is that comfortable place in your heart. It is where you feel safe. It’s your Happy Place. Your home should give you comfort and joy. That’s why its nice to be home for the holidays, wherever that may be.

Merry Christmahannukwanzakah!

So, where do we consider home?

As us Escapees like to say, Home is where we park it. No, seriously. In my rig is where I feel most at home. There are, however, a few certain places we do like to park where we feel more homey.

Lake Mead Boondocking
Giving Thanks at Lake Mead

Most recently, we felt most at home boondocking with friends for Thanksgiving near what’s left of Lake Mead after spending about a month in Las Vegas one week for my birthday. 

Halloween on Fremont Street
Halloween on Fremont Street

Oddly enough, as much as I hate Vegas. I do feel at home on the Fremont Street Experience. If dressed appropriately that is. Accommodations may be lacking, but we are still happy to call places like this home. When with the right company, that is.

Main Street Station Fremont Street Halloween Las Vegas
At Home at Main Street Station RV Park, Las Vegas

Having the right reason to be someplace, is another reason to call it home. We did just that earlier this year when returning to Luckenbach, Texas for another incredible Ray Wylie Hubbard show.

Luckenbach, Texas
Luckenbach, Texas

Late last year, Pie Town felt like home for a few days. After all Pie-o-Neer Pies has the best home-baked pie and friendliest faces you’ll find anywhere. Don’t believe me? Go see Kathy and Stanley and tell them Jim and Rene sent you!

Pie-o-Neer Cafe
Pie-o-Neer Cafe

And we always feel at home when workamping at Vickers Ranch. Again, it’s all about the people, the experience, and the memories that make a place home for me.

Lake City Traffic
Traffic leaving Vickers Ranch workamping job.

Where are we now?

No, we’re not camped out for the holidays under the porte cochere of some abandoned mansion atop an island south of Mount Shasta. That was a couple months ago. Long story, but really cool experience—quite surreal actually—and fun times thanks to a close long time friend we hadn’t seen in far too long.

Check our maps to find our current location any time. If we’re nearby, give us a shout.


Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth

At the time of this writing we are living the life of luxury with full hook-ups at another place we’re quickly starting to consider home. A month at Fountain of Youth Spa and RV resort is a well deserved treat after a long busy year.

road trip map
Meanderings Since September 2015

Where to next? Soon it will be back to the off-grid life. We’ll likely be found hanging around the Southwest for a while after a quick stay at The Slabs to kick off the new year. Exactly where and when? I’m not so sure, ask Rene. I just drive. Wherever it is, I’ll call it home.

Eventually, we’ll make it back to the mountains. Back to Jerry’s Acres where I most definitely feel most at home—even though it will have been 18+ months since we’ve seen it last.

Home Buried in Snow
Jerry’s Acres this time of year.

Just don’t expect us back at that home for the holidays, and no time before the snow melts! 

*Just tell your neighbors Cousin Eddie is in town. 🙂

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  1. Glad you two are having fun! We are looking forward to seeing you two again @ Vickers Ranch next June. It’s cold here today, we are having 10 for Xmas dinner today and will open our gifts tonight. If you get close to our area, please come to see us! hugs, Sue Carnes


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