October’s “Workamper Rendezvous” Spotlights The Lifestyle

Pretend you’re a campground owner who needs to hire workampers. Who would you rather employ: someone who studied for the job, or someone who didn’t and had no idea what to expect? For most of us, the choice is clear: we’d rather have the educated workamper join our team. Thankfully more workampers are learning all they can about the lifestyle at the annual Workamper News Rendezvous.

Learn about workamping
Workamper Rendezvous is a worthwhile detour!

Every October the small town of Heber Springs Arkansas is home to the three-day gathering. Hosted by Workamper News, Inc., this educational and social gathering is the only one of its kind dedicated to workamping and the RVing lifestyle. About 200 attendees will be here for a hands-on learning experience that covers everything from creating stellar resumes to repairing RV plumbing. When it’s over, every student will roll away with the confidence and connections to set their lifestyle in motion.

Full-timers actively living this lifestyle know that when you encounter others who are doing the same, it’s like finding long-lost members of your “tribe.” When so many gather in one place like at Rendezvous, it becomes an informative, fun and even life-changing experience.

Learn about workamping

Workamper News Editor Jody Anderson Duquette says one of the greatest benefits of meeting others at the event is “Having a network of like-minded individuals that you can turn to. Knowing that those with answers to your questions are reachable can give you the confidence to keep moving forward – whether that’s jumping into the lifestyle or improving your current life on the road,” she told me.

Duquette says that since 2010 the Workamper Rendezvous has consistently gotten better and better. “We have seven new presenters this year,” she says. “This is more ‘new’ presenters than any other year!” Seventeen different presentations will take place and attendees can expect to learn about things like:

  • The best ways to get a workamping job
  • The tax implications of workamping and full-timing
  • RV maintenance & know how
  • Asset protection for RVers
  • RV insurance basics
  • RV budgeting and more!
  • Optional “bonus sessions” provide more hands-on and personalized learning experiences around subjects like RV maintenance, health and wellness and mobile technology. Attendees with their own RVs can even get weighed on-site to ensure their rig isn’t overloaded.

And although it’s not specifically a “job fair,” there will also be four big-name employers presenting and exhibiting. Everyone will have a chance to meet with the recruiters and possibly walk away with a workamping job offer.

Finally, numerous social opportunities include breakfasts, dinners, a RV showcase presented by a local dealer and a “RV Home Show” where participants can tour the RVs of current full-timers to see how they’ve adapted to living in a small space.

workamper school event
Sample of helpful material Workamper News members receive.

Rendezvous registrations are limited to just under 200 students so the Workamper News team can make it an intimate learning experience for everyone. Registration starts at $177 per person and the optional bonus sessions are available for a nominal fee.

Every attendee receives an educational 3-ring binder packed with handouts from all 17 sessions, not just the ones they attended. Since it’s impossible for attendees to attend every session during the conference, the binder provides important take-aways that registrants can study at home.

Now six years running, Workamper News Rendezvous stands out among all other RV-industry events. It’s the one face-to-face opportunity that enables aspiring and current full-timers to learn everything about workamping and full-timing – all in one location, with people who are doing it and those who have.

Can’t Make It But Want to Learn About Workamping?

Reading or watching RVers share their stories on the internet is one thing: talking in person and engaging in a two-way conversations is far more beneficial. But if you can’t make it to Rendezvous, becoming a Workamper News member now will absolutely pay off.  It’s the best connection for workamping jobs.

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