Workamping Designer For A Day

I doubt there are many workamping jobs that allow you to utilize interior design expertise. Not that I claim to have any myself—my design expertise is purely graphic. Recently, however, I was Designer for a Day at my favorite ranch workamping job.

Vickers Ranch Guest Cabin Cowboy Decor Workamping Project
DIY Vintage 50’s Cowboy Spread Wall Decor

My Workamper Interior Design Project

Miss Paulette asked for my assistance in making her vision come true one day. She had purchased a vintage 1950’s cowboy themed bedspread she wanted to display on the wall in one of the Vickers Ranch guest cabins. She also found an old stirrup in the barn, which she thought she could incorporate somehow, and use to hang the throw. But how?

I immediately thought of the perfect solution. Old horseshoes! We use them for everything around the ranch—from screen door handles to hat hooks. All the horses had just recently gotten new treads, so I had an ample supply of worn shoes.

Vickers Ranch Guest Cabin Cowboy Decor Workamping Project

I never pass up the chance to pound on some metal and spend some time in the shop, so I got to work. First, I found the perfect old horseshoe, removed the nails and ground down any rough spots. I then drilled a hole in each end for screws using the drill press. (Easier to do while it’s still flat.)

Vickers Ranch Guest Cabin Cowboy Decor Workamping Project

After whacking on it a while in the vice, getting the bends just right, I used the wire wheel to polish off any remaining crud. And plenty of crud there is in a horseshoe that’s seen its share of trail rides around the upper ranch.

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With a few coats of black paint, and a couple drywall screws, the horseshoe was ready to hang the stirrup, which would hold the blanket. Another horseshoe simply bent at 90º would hold the tail end of throw, allowing it to fan out and display the old rodeo motif.

Vickers Ranch Guest Cabin Cowboy Decor Workamping Project

While we were at it I drilled, bent, and painted a few extra shoes which we hung in the rooms as robe hooks to match the new decor.

This wasn’t quite the major project like that custom log mantle I created a couple years back, or all those old barnwood mirrors I crafted like the one in the photos above. But it was another perfect example of why I love workamping—especially at Vickers Ranch, where I never quite know what I may be doing each day.

Variety work: it’s what I love most about my favorite workamping job. Heck, this morning I was installing software, and this afternoon I helped install the AgriDrain at Vickers Lake. But I digress…

How To Find Best Workamping Jobs

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