Our Riverbend Workamping Job, Redux

Workamping jobs for RVers are abundant but Jim and I have always been picky about the workamping assignments we take on. Any job we do has to work around our regular business endeavors, which is rare. One of the best workamping experiences we’ve ever had was a Riverbend workamping job in Truth or Consequences,  New Mexico.

Riverbend was one of our favorite places to workamp.

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Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Last week we had the chance to revisit for the first time since our Riverbend workamping job in 2008. When we arrived, thought we were in the wrong resort.

The Evolution of Riverbend Hot Springs

Truth or Consequences is Mecca to hot springs enthusiasts like us, with over a dozen different resorts awaiting road-weary travelers. But Riverbend Hot Springs stands out among the rest. As the only property overlooking the Rio Grande, soaking in their beautiful pools is like no other experience in town.

Since 1990 Riverbend has been a hot springs haven for wayward hippies looking for budget lodging and a communal soak. People from all walks of life adore the place, but overall it’s always had an overwhelming aroma of Patchouli and Rainbow Family vibes. Not anymore (and that’s a good thing)!

Riverbend Hot Springs is now a first-class resort.

Riverbend Hot Springs New Private Pools

We follow Riverbend on Facebook and have watched major changes take place since we left. What a neat surprise to see them all in person. Riverbend is now a first-class getaway for guests and workampers alike.

Today’s Riverbend Hot Springs will blow you away!

Riverbend, workamper, job, RVer, full-timer, workamping
Jim soaks in new Riverbend Hot Springs pools.

The beautifully landscaped grounds now feel like a tranquil getaway instead of party central. The new interior patio and lounging areas are a fine getaway any day of the year. A sauna has been added, and Riverbend’s doubled the number of soaking pools. Each one is so gorgeous, hand made with a lot of love and talent.

Riverbend workamper coffee fairy to the rescue!

Riverbend workamping job

Ready to Apply for a Riverbend Workamping Job?

Apply for Riverbend Workamping job
How to apply for a Riverbend workamping job.

Riverbend has utilized workampers since 2005. There’s a ton of value in being able to soak 7 days a week because yes, hot mineral water really does cure aches and pains! As for the rural town where it’s located, Truth or Consequences has a distinctly funky, artsty flair. It too has grown up a bit thanks to the nearby Spaceport America Center.

The new “whisper zone” policy is so nice.

Riverbend Hot Springs

Our Riverbend workamping job duties weren’t too hard in our day, but things were chaotic back then. We laundered funky, mismatched room linens in-between answering phones. There was no office computer so reservations were made on Post-It notes and receipts were done in a ledger book. Despite it all, the constant cast of kooky characters made Riverbend a fun place to workamp. In exchange for working three full days a week, we could soak to our heart’s content. As a bonus, the family that runs it is terrific.

The new Riverbend RV campsites are much nicer too.

Riverbend workamper job RV site
RIverbend RV sites have picnic tables and landscaping now.

A Day in the Life of a Riverbend Workamper

Now that Riverbend hires out cleaning services, workampers don’t do laundry or power wash pools like we did. The Riverbend workamping job looks like this:

  • Working in the office and interacting with happy guests.
  • Shifts for couples or solos are a three-on / three-off schedule.
  • Regular staff meeting keep things organized.
  • Workampers get to wear nice Riverbend polo shirts to work.
  • The office has a computer now.
  • And what’s even better: Riverbend workampers get paid!

We asked a current Riverbend workamper couple about their experience. Dave and Debbie have been there since 2015. Dave says:

“The work is not hard. We meet an awful lot of great people and you work with a lot of great people, that’s what makes it easy. Jake is a great person to work for. He knows how to treat people right.”

That’s one thing that hasn’t changed at Riverbend: it’s still fun working there!

We reluctantly left Riverbend last week but we’ll be back. After seeing all the positive changes for both the resort and workampers alike, it’s tempting to put in an application again.

You can’t beat Riverbend scenery.

Riverbend workamping job, RVer, rving, full-timer
Workamper jobs don’t get better than this.

Ready to apply? Check out the Riverbend Workampers Wanted Facebook post today!



4 thoughts on “Our Riverbend Workamping Job, Redux”

  1. That would be great! We would love to sit down with ya’ll if we can manage it then and talk about your Plan B 😀 We are just starting to look at other possible revenue streams, I downloaded the book and will be working my way through it! Thanks for sharing all your experience and resources!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Rene, I have followed ya’lls blog for awhile now and we recently talked to and accepted a position with Jake and his crew at Riverbend. This post just further confirms my gut feelings were right on this one 😀 Can’t wait to get there and get started on our first Workamp job!

    • Oh wow Kenda! I’m so excited for you both! Yes, you will love working there. It’s unreal how much a daily hot springs soak can make life sooooooo easy 🙂 I’m jealous! Say hi to Jake from us. We’ll visit again in September so hopefully we’ll see you there.


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