Making Jewelry and Money while Full-time RVing

When you’re full-time RVing before retirement, having multiple income sources is critical. You’ve constantly got to reinvent yourself to keep the wheels turning to avoid financial calamities. Which is exactly why I launched Studio Agreda at Amazon Handmade.

custom hand stamped metal jewelry

Money, Me and Metalsmithing

Jim and I hit the road not knowing what we were going to do when we grew up. Our first business had just sold and we only had enough savings to live on for one year. But after eight months I couldn’t sleep at night while the money slowly dwindled. That’s when we took action and looked at ways to make money while full-time RVing.

  • We thought we wanted to be farmers or resort owners. But after workamping at a resort and an organic farm, we knew that life wasn’t for us.
  • While our Tripawds community was growing and creating small revenue streams through affiliate sales, we started our Melaleuca business as health and wellness consultants.
  • We created passive income by publishing two Tripawds e-books, and our “Income, Anywhere!†book about how to make money on the road.
  • For extra income, we workamp at Vickers Ranch every summer.
  • Jim still manages different web and print design projects for special clients/friends.
  • I’m a freelance writer for RVing and pet publications.
  • And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m also a metalsmith.
Ouch! That’s hot!

I’ve always had a little Martha Stewart in my repertoire, but making metal bling had never been on my radar. Then I asked my friend Michelle, a professional jewelry designer, if she would make a particular kind of piece I wanted to sell in our Tripawds Gifts Store.

“Hah! That’s so easy, YOU can do it!†she told me. And instead of giving me the fish, she showed me how. Over time I gained enough confidence to branch out and five years later, I think my jewelry has morphed to cooler stuff. What do you think?

making money full-time RVing

I’ve had my own Tripawds Etsy shop since 2010. It’s been a small piece of our income pie but in my new mobile workshop, I’m now growing it beyond the small niche of our Tripawds community for an all new audience.

Hello again Amazon!

A Texas friend who carves beautiful wooden flutes recently told me about Amazon Handmade. It’s a new crafty marketplace at Amazon that’s going after Etsy shoppers. And although Amazon and I didn’t exactly end my Amazon Camperforce experience on the best terms, I put the experience behind me and went through their invite-only application process.

Playing with fire and metal.

What a shock to get the news that my work was accepted (yeah, I have a real lack of confidence sometimes!). Guess they hadn’t heard about my rep 😉 But I gratefully accepted and over the weekend launched Studio Agreda.


For now I’ve stocked it with examples of my least Tripawd-centric items. Everything I make can be customized (and usually is) without pet-centric designs, but it’s going to take time to build up a portfolio. My goal is to make that happen this holiday season.

Now here’s the shameless pitch: if you’re shopping for the holidays, I hope you’ll stop by Studio Agreda. If you have an idea for something you’d like me to create, contact me today, let’s make it happen!

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  1. Hi Rene! Thanks for helping inspire! Sharing your post on my facebook page WomenRvers. Would love to have you contribute! Hopefully see you on the road someday soon!

    • Wow thank you Bazia! That’s pretty cool, I really appreciate it. Yes, let’s meet up someday. Jim and I will be in SoCal & AZ until February, hope to see you in snowbird land.

    • Thanks Kim! You are one of my biggest inspirations, your work has really taken off and I love how you’re doing so well! Don’t be intimidated by the Great Satan’s appearance ;), I know you’d kick butt in that space. DO IT!


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