How We Picked Our RV Roadside Assistance Plan

RV roadside assistance plans are like auto and property insurance policies: you never know how well they will cover you until you’re in a bad situation and file a claim. Nobody wants to use their policy but we all want peace of mind about the company that gets our hard-earned money every year.

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RV Roadside Assistance can save you!

When we hit the road in 2007, we didn’t think about roadside assistance plans. That is, until the awful night on Interstate 70 between Grand Junction, Colorado and Green River, Utah.

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We didn’t have a full-tank when we left Grand Junction – at dusk – and we believed our cell phone app when it showed a gas station was located just 50 miles ahead. As we drove west toward Green River, howling headwinds blasted us, forcing our mileage to plummet until ran out of fuel on the shoulder of I-80 – in the dark. Jim had to ride his bicycle to the rest area up ahead, where a kind trucker gave us a gallon of diesel. Lucky for us, our engine turned over and we crawled into Green River.

Choosing, RV Roadside Assistance Plan, Coach-Net
Storm clouds ahead in Colorado.

That’s when it became clear – roadside assistance plans are incredibly helpful for RV travel, especially when you’re always on the road. Now we get it: full-timing without a roadside assistance plan is taking the same stupid risk as driving without RV insurance. When you’re in a bad spot, not having excellent coverage you can trust will make the situation much, much worse.

How to Choose Roadside Assistance Plans for RVers

We picked our last roadside assistance plan the same way most people do: we caved in to one company’s massive advertising campaign. We went with the RV industry’s most heavily marketed roadside assistance plan for a few years, basing our decision on nothing more than price and advertising claims.

But this year we wanted to review other options and after talking with other full-timers about their plans, ultimately decided to give Coach-Net’s RV Technical and Roadside Assistance Plans a try (this was even before we became Coach-Net affiliates). Here’s why we think you should join Coach-Net too.


Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance Plan

Why is Coach-Net Great for Full-time RVers?

  • Reason #1: Coach-Net has an excellent reputation with the Escapees RV Club (we’re members of course). They’ve been Escapees commercial members and club supporters for many years.
  • Reason #2: The company’s sole focus is on making RV travel worry-free. They aren’t distracted by managing things like RV rallies and websites. All they do is help to ease the stress of a bad roadside emergency.
  • Reason #3: Coach-Net manages its own Roadside Assistance Service Provider Network. This is the most important reason to us. Unlike other providers, they manage their entire network of service providers and consistently evaluate their performance and customer service satisfaction rates. In addition, Coach-Net gives access to RVDA, RVIA and/or ASE certified RV technicians who will to their best to help us avoid a trip to the shop, by guiding us through many common operational issues.
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No diesel fuel for RVers at this gas station.

Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance Plans, in a Nutshell

Once again, here’s where Coach-Net stands above other providers. Because towable and motorized RVs have vastly different needs, the company segments their plans into two different compartments:

  1. Coach-Net Motorized Plans: For Class A, B and C RVs with engines.
  2. Coach-Net Towable Plans: For tow-behind RVs like fifth wheels and trailers.

Whatever type of RV you need covered, you get three levels of protection to choose from:

  1. Coach-Net Limited. Covers 1 tow (up to 75 miles) and 1 other event (tire assistance, battery boost, lockout, emergency fuel/fluid delivery, or winching up to $75) per year.
  2. Coach-Net Basic. This plan has no limits on towing, tire assistance, battery boost, lockout, emergency fuel/fluid delivery, and winching.
  3. Coach-Net Premier. It has all the benefits of the Coach-Net Basic plan — PLUS valuable benefits such as Concierge Services, Assist America, RV Insurance, Camping Discounts, and much more.

As full-time RVers, the Basic and Premier plans are the obvious choices. Deciding between the two just depends on your budget and your needs. If you want more help and support on the road, go with the Premier. If all you want is peace of mind, you can feel good about choosing the Basic option.

Join Coach-Net and Save!

We (along with many other full-timers) can tell you a zillion other reasons why we think Coach-Net plans rock, but why not see for yourself?

Check out Coach-Net Plan information but
join here to save $10 off your plan.

CoachNet RV Coverage

If you want to ask us any questions about Coach-Net, we’ll do our best to answer them (or put you in touch with company reps who can) so drop us a line and let’s talk.

5 thoughts on “How We Picked Our RV Roadside Assistance Plan”

  1. I am interested in getting your Coach Net Basic plan. I have a Fleetwood Bounder and a 19 ft StarCraft travel trailer. I am with Good Sam now but no longer wish to have them due to their limits on tow, and the fact their CEO has just said that any of us who support President Trump need not come thru doors at Camping World or do business with Good Sam. I find this inexcusable and along with thousands of fellow RVers we will boycott CW and will not do business with GS. I did not even know about Coachnet due to the huge marketing scheme of Good Sam. I thought they were the only company that did roadside Assist for RV’s. I have been in touch with fellow RVers in past two days and am joining the Escapees also. I belong to several RV groups and am adding that one to my membership. one to. If someone from your company will call me I will set this up. .

  2. Coach-Net is great! I had to call them when my dually tire kept losing air at an alarming rate. It was a Sunday, and all I was hoping for was to swap out the spare for the leaky one, and get it repaired when I got home.
    They sent out a commercial tire truck, not just a hitch n’ tow guy. They pulled the tire, gave a good look over, and found that the valve stem had loosened. The stem was replaced, all the other tires checked to be sure pressure was good, shook my hand and drove off into the sunset.
    Couldn’t be more satisfied. Saved me a trip to Discount Tire when I got home.

    • Oh wow isn’t it great to know you have smart techs like that who can come out and help on a Sunday of all times? Very cool feedback, thanks for sharing Diane!


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