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Welcome to Live. Work. Dream. v. 3.0

My, how we have so much to write about…our new mobile headquarters, my RV remodeling project, challenges encountered moving our satellite internet system… But first, have you heard the one about the ESL student who went to the hospital after banging his head on table when he read the headline:

Overhaul Pronounced Success!

Thank you, good night! You’ve been a great audience, don’t forget to tip your waitress…

live work dream rv lifestyle worpress blog theme overhaul
The LiveWorkDream Blog, Over The Years

But seriously, if you’re reading this—and you’ve read this blog before—things likely look a little different—hopefully for the better. The last time we overhauled this website, was, well…shortly after we sold the marketing, design and graphics business we operated in our previous life to embark on the adventure of our lifetime. Yes, that was over seven years ago. We’ve only been working on this update for the past year or so.

Faster. Easier. More Better.

We’ve been testing various WordPress themes and plugins for quite some time now, all with the goal of making this site faster to load, easier to navigate, and mobile friendly. The whole time we’ve been considering how we can better serve readers and guests searching for information about full-time RVing, transitioning to the nomadic lifestyle and how to make a living on the road—just like we’ve been doing for the past 7+ years.

We are now happy to present your with the following features:

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  • Responsive design loads fast on any device
  • Condensed homepage with less clutter
  • Easier navigation to most popular resources
  • Prominent links to our most valuable information


We have eliminated numerous ads, fine-tuned our Welcome page and added some slides and icons to quickly direct readers to featured content we know you’re looking for, like…
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We have also replaced the random header images we had with a Random Pics gallery that will show new photos from who knows where every time you load a different page. Like this…

Reload page for more random photos.

Random Goodness

Speaking of Random Content, be sure to check out our new Road Trip Soundtrack page which we have updated with favorite travelin’ tunes we’ve enjoyed while roaming many roads around the country. Reload the page to see new songs and lyrics every time! You’ll also notice random testimonials from readers that we’ve received about this site over the years in the footer and sidebar.

In fact, we’ve updated all our pages with new links and better resources, including:

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social network iconsWe’ve made it easier to see who wrote each blog post with an Author bio box like the one you see for me below too.

And, you can now quickly contact us directly or follow us on your favorite social network.

Subscribe for a Free Gift!

It is now easier to follow this blog with email updates! Simply subscribe to be notified by email of any new blog posts and we’ll send you a coupon code for half off our e-book!

Finally, we’ve installed a new social sharing plugin to make it easier to share posts and find related content, like you’ll see below…

So browse the new site, subscribe to the blog, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

How did we do it?

As of this writing, we are now running the Memorable WordPress theme from Woothemes—because, well, we like to consider what we do pretty memorable. Plugins that help make this overhaul even more awesome include:

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How did we do?

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