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Anybody following this blog speak Portuguese?

If so, you might enjoy this article about the New Nomads in the Oct./Nov. 2014 issue of Ponto Turismo. The story profiles us and our full-time RVing adventures while we live and work from the road, along with another “digitial nomad” who travels the world staying in hotels for a few weeks at a time.

New Nomads Article Portuguese Ponto Turismo New Nomads Article

It highlights our ability to work from anywhere using modern technologies, and our choice to “live without laces or marked destination”. Or so I think…

“The journey not starting one day for another,
such as all also a way Life has no destination
to be planned with advance.”

Please excuse the bastardized translation. I blame it on The Google. While that is rather poetic, I’ve always preferred to consult The Babelfish for short translations…

“Cast off shackles and from the adventure. Perhaps not all have profile to undertake a journey of exploration of the world, without worries, without knowing where they will be the next day.”

Minhas desculpas ao autor Antónia Barroso, para hackear o que certamente é um eloquente artigo.

I hope that reads, “My apologies to the author Antónia Barroso, for hacking what is certainly an eloquent article.” Please see page 13-14 of this Ponto Turismo web edition if you speak Portuguese and want to read the full article. Otherwise, bear with this rough translation to get the gist of our part…

New Nomads Article New Nomads Jim, Rene & Wyatt in Ponto Turismo Magazine

New Nomads

Living without shackles but with digital links

But the journey begins not from one day to the next, just like everything, also a way of life without a destination has to be planned in advance.

According to the website Wand’rly the first step is to overcome the fear of leaving and which are their own security barriers that create such as ‘ younger ‘, ‘ have ‘ children, ‘ I need a fixed income ‘… That’s what happened to Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson, both now aged close to 40, who were delaying your dream resort for a different style of life.

The inevitability of the death of his dog, who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2006, accelerated the process and after selling his company, house and “virtually everything they had” started its journey in a motorhome for the United States. Are on the road for five years, live than win with sporadic work and have no plans to go back to what they were before

Rene is a writer and freelancer makes jewels “for those who love dogs” says. Her husband Jim is graphic designer and WordPress guru. Manage several websites and online stores and product marketing for a company. This summer he worked on a ranch.

The choice of destination is also important for the new nomads, going on including a list of recommended destinations. You can choose a destination where the cost of living is lower and thus save, or choose to live in the United States or Europe where the standard of living is higher.

In short, the goal is to take the desire to leave, assume that nowadays have a job is not synonymous with security for the rest of your life, be creative in choosing an activity that bring income and have the courage to live a different life.

Bem dito Ponto Turismo!

Obrigado Antónia. Bem dito, na verdade.

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