I’ve Been Everywhere may just be the full-time RVer’s National Anthem. But have you ever heard the Texas version?

Some full-timers swear On The Road Again is the best RVing song. But as your wheels start turning, would you rather hear Willie Nelson, Canned Heat, or The Lovin’ Spoonful?

Are you a Speedball Tucker, or do you just prefer Truckin’?

Or, like us, do you believe The Road Goes On Forever But The Party Never Ends?

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The Ultimate RV Road Trip Playlist

We’ve been compiling our list of favorite trippin’ tunes ever since hitting the road years ago. Every time we heard cool travelin’ lyrics, trucker tunes, or just a good wheel jammin’ song, we’d jot it down. Now we’re sharing them here in this handy widget…

Browse some favorites at right to preview and download songs in the playlist. Or, scroll down for select recommendations of a few favorites and follow the links to download individual MP3s or full albums.

Reload this page to refresh the playlist and see new random lyrics below!

Select Traveling Tune Lyrics and MP3 Downloads

The following are just a few random lyrics from songs and artists that have made us laugh or sing along as we rolled down the road. Reload the page to see more and follow links to download MP3s at Amazon!

Wall Of Voodoo Call of the West LyricsCall of the West – Wall of Voodoo

You’ve come a long way, I know
You’ve got a longer drive ahead
Through the bones of the buffalo
Through the claims of the western dead, and
Just like the spokes of a wheel
You’ll spin ’round with the rest
You’ll hear the drums and the brush of steel
You’ll hear the call of the west, call of the west
You’ll hear the call of the west, call of the west

woody guthrieHard Travelin’ – Woody Guthrie

I’ve been hittin’ some hard travelin’, I thought you knowed
I’ve been hittin’ some hard travelin’, way down the road
I’ve been hittin’ some hard travelin’, hard ramblin’, hard gamblin’
Been havin’ some hard travelin’, Lord

Robert Earl Keen Road Goes On Forever MP3 DownloadThe Road Goes on Forever – Robert Earl Keen

They jumped into his pickup, Sonny jammed it down in gear.
Sonny looked at Sherry, said “Let’s get on out of here”.
The stars were high above them, the moon was in the east.
The sun was setting on them when they reached Miami Beach.
They got a hotel by the water, a quart of Bombay Gin.
The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

We love our XM SatelliteRadio! Without it, we’d be stuck listening to classic rock, news talk and religious programming in many parts of the country. A few of our favorite stations are listed below—which may indicate our rather varied taste in music.

  • Outlaw Country | xm60
  • xL Backspin | xm46
  • 1st Wave | xm33
  • 80s on 8 | xm8
  • Ozzy’s Boneyard | xm38
  • Underground Garage | xm21
  • Margaritaville | xm24
  • Grateful Dead | xm23
  • NPR Now | xm122
  • Chill | xm53

Local Stations

Below are links to some great radio stations we’ve found around the dial and on the web during our travels…

  • KHSU 90.5 – Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University’s public radio station. Saturday night’s we’ll often tune in online to Alternative Therapy.
  • KNBT 92.1 – New Braunfels, TX: Roots and Branches of Americana, Country, Folk & Blues.
  • KRTS 93.5 – Marfa, TX: Public Radio For Far West Texas
  • KGHR 91.3 – Tuba City, AZ: As we drove through the Navajo Nation, this station was playing an eclectic mix of traditional Native American music and old cowboy songs.
  • KUVO Jazz 89.3 – Denver, CO: All Jazz, all the time. This is one of the few all jazz public radio stations left in the U.S. Awesome music for your various moods, 24/7.
  • KUWR 91.9 – Laramie, WY: Wyoming Public Radio that can be received when staying at the Devil’s Tower KOA.
  • Radio Mike 96.3 FM – Pirate radio at it’s finest, broadcasting intermittently from Slab City.

Internet Radio

Got Any Favorite Travelin’ Tunes?

Have missed anything? What gets you hummin’ when your wheels start spinnin’?

Leave a comment below with your favorite road trippin’ songs, or provide links to cool local/internet radio stations and we’ll consider adding them to our list.


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