What is Workamping?

In case you missed it, we have published a new page to help answer any questions about workamping you may have!

Workamping Questions and Answers

After working as workampers at various different jobs, and writing about our workamping experiences, for more than seven years, we have added a Workamping Page here in the LiveWorkDream blog!

workamping question answers page

Got questions about workamping?

Ever wonder what workampers do? Well, that depends on the type of workamping job.

animal rescue workamping jo

Do RV parks and public campgrounds hire workampers? Yes, but there are so many more opportunities!

organic farm workamping job

Can you make money workamping? Yes, they are many workamping jobs that pay out there!

making log benches at ranch workamping job

What free workamping job listings are there? Many resources are available.

splitting wood at ranch workamping job

Are there part-time volunteer jobs that offer a free RV site? Yes!

workamping job tagging fish

Where do you find the best workamping jobs? Get a free issue of Workamper News and find out!

We try to answer all your workamping questions. If we missed something, or you have other questions, please leave a comment. We’ve enjoyed workamping for years and love introducing others to the lifestyle.

Find best workamping jobs with free Workamper News issue!

Most RVers are aware of workamping as a way to save on rent and support the full-timing lifestyle. But many believe that only RV parks and campgrounds hire workampers. We dispel this myth with examples of the myriad workamping jobs we’ve had, and provide links to various resources to help you get started as a workamper.

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