Utah’s Great Boondocking Spots are a Cheapskate’s Dream

Utah is one of the prettiest, most awe-inspiring states in the country with so many free, gorgeous places to camp.

A Perfect Spot

A few weeks ago, we stayed in this lovely free spot for a week, only seeing the occasional off-roader. It was lovely and peaceful, even during the busy Memorial Day weekend.

Dixie National Forest boondocking

We were only about 15 minutes outside of Panguitch, a sleepy little town that caters to tourists. The last time we had been there was in 1995, when we looked like this:

Badass Bikers circa 1995

Forgetting that we weren’t in California anymore, we went into a grocery store to look for booze and road food. As one clerk followed Jim around then called him “Ma’am,” I was asking another Panguitchian,

Hey do you know where we can get some liquor?

Our fate was sealed. It was clear that our kind wasn’t welcome. Nineteen years later, we’re not quite as scary looking, but a weird vibe lingers over Panguitch. I felt it everywhere from the post office to the grocery store.

That’s OK though. The free camping in the surrounding areas more than makes up for it. Cheapskates like us are willing to put up with a lot to have a backyard that looks like this.

View of Escalante National Monument, Utah

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  1. I really like the “Badass Bikers” of 1995 look. I really don’t see much of a change, though. Ha. Love Utah, though. We’re going to be back there in July. Maybe we’ll catch you in Moab. Bob & Jodie


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