What Did You Know When You Got Married?

Seventeen years ago today on a perfect sunny afternoon in Carmel, California, two kids who thought they knew it all took the plunge and got hitched in front of 100 friends and family members.

Nelson Agredano Wedding Day

We thought we had things all figured out: Escape to the country. Buy a big old house. Start a business. Share our talents. Love our dog. Live a good life.

If anyone had told us that over the next 17 years we would turn every one of these visions of the future on its head, shake it upside down, tear it inside out and shred it to pieces, only to end up living in a 24′ trailer somewhere along the blue highways of America, I would have said they were nuts.

Hah! Turns out, we’re the ones who are “nuts.” Or so they tell us.

But life is good and it don’t get no better than this.

Every day is an adventure with my hobo husband, my partner in misadventure, my calm voice of reason when I need it most. We have our good days and not-so-great days but every one of them is a gift that keeps on teaching me how to be the best person I can be amidst so much craziness in this world.

I hope that I can give at least half as much to you in return.

I love you forever Jim. Happy Anniversary.

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  1. And who woulda ever thought we’d be exchanging trailer tires and an exhaust manifold for wedding anniversary gifts!? 😛



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