Countdown to Winter Departure

Every year we push our luck here at Jerry’s Acres, until finally the view outside looks like this.


Obviously, this is a clear indication that it’s time to get moving.

Preparing to fly away for winter takes about two weeks. Our punch list looks like this:

  • Clean the RV
  • Pack the RV
  • Run errands in the big city (vet, doctor, grocery, etc.)
  • Perform last-minute honey-dos on the truck, rig & cabin
  • Get food out of the cabin kitchen, move it into RV
  • Finish critical business-related activities and meet deadlines, since when we get on the road we’ll be out of commission for a few days as we settle into our new routine.
  • Winterize all systems on the house
  • Shut down, batten down the hatches and get the hell out!

It’s a lot easier to do all of this drudgery when we’re not being pummeled by snow but I’m not sure we’ll have that kind of luck this year. Winter seems to have settled in.

We’ve got some axle work that needs to be done on the RV after we leave here, then that’s it, we’re on the road until who knows when.

Look out sunbelt states. The journey is about to commence.

Hope to see you there!


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