Nu Time Out on the Alpine Loop

Last week was a breath of fresh air. After three months of working non-stop at the ranch, we got a chance to enjoy the Alpine Loop’s scenery.

One of the benefits of working at the ranch is use of their rental jeeps.


Thanks to an impromptu visit by NuRVers Epic Wesley and Zen Nomads, we remembered why we love coming to this part of the country in the first place.

After a spectacular jeeping day on the Loop, we retreated to Sam’s fun and funky home on wheels for a round of Cards Against Humanity, a hilarious game Wesley introduced to us. This game is so lewd, crude and fun, it’s perfect during a rowdy night with friends!

The Nu crew is headed to Burning Man and was traveling across America’s Loneliest Highway when we convinced them to make a detour to see us Vickers Ranch.

Little did they know we were secretly recruiting them to help us flip burgers at the Friday Guest Appreciation dinner!

And even better, Wesley’s appearance gave the ranch a real piano player to accompany the weekly “Amazing Grace” pre-dinner fun. Here is is, playing on a piano that’s over 100 years old:


Our time together was far too short, but that’s probably a good thing since multiple nights of festivities and workamping don’t go together. That’s OK though, because we’ll catch up with this crazy bunch for a night of zombie walking, partying and celebrating Jim’s birthday in Las Vegas on Halloween.

Until then, we’ve got one more week left of our workamping gig, then our life is ours again. For us, that means getting back to our own version of “reality.” Yay!

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