Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days to freedom! We’ve got less than two weeks until we no longer have to do this six days a week:

get up at 4:50 am
walk Wyatt at 5:30 am
return at 6:00 am, have breakfast
work on our business stuff until 7:45 am
head to ranch office, workamp from 8:00 – noon
eat lunch and work on our business stuff till 1pm
back to workamping till 5pm
head home, walk Wyatt until 6pm
eat dinner
work on our business from 6:45pm – 9:00pm

I’ve always said we would never starve because both of us know how to buckle down and work hard when life calls for it. It’s not easy and I whine a lot, but every time we work at the ranch I’m reassured that we’ll never end up on Skid Row.

Living in a van down by the river maybe, but never in a cardboard box on the sidewalk.

2 thoughts on “Thirteen Days”

  1. Hey Rene,

    I don’t see what type of work they have you doing, but the stuff Jim is doing, is the type of hard work I like. That is why I enjoy working on the bus, it beats sitting in my cubical.

    But hey if you want to switch, let me know.


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