Calling All Hippies, Northern Colorado Earthship for Sale


A million years ago when Jim and I thought we wanted to homestead in an eco-groovy earthship somewhere in America, we quickly learned that the earthship dream is far from the reality of what it’s like to actually create and live in one.

As we explored places like the New Mexico Earthship Institute, a “model neighborhood” of stunning earthship styles, we discovered that many people also share that dream.

Unfortunately, lots of hippie dreamers have gone broke trying to make their own earthship homestead happen, like this guy in Colorado.

Earthships are off-grid homes made with found materials that take an insane of labor, materials and sweat to build. You’d better have a lot of good friends who can help if you want to fabricate one from the ground up.

The irony of how ridiculously expensive it is to hand-build a hippie hovel made out of earth, straw and recycled tires blows my mind.

After we saw how much work, sweat and tears went into earthships, we opted to buy the most pre-fabricated, ready-made, warter-tight and move-in ready place available, which is what we have now in Red Feather Lakes.

Our little prefab palace gets on my nerves sometimes because I hate the responsibility of being a property owner, but it’s also been really nice to be able to say it’s 100% ours and it’s always been ready for us to move in when we visit.

Northern Colorado Earthship For Sale

But just when I thought I put that earthship fantasy behind me, today I learned about an earthship property for sale here in Northern Colorado near Fort Collins. This eco-groovy property is exactly what Jim and I were looking for back in the day before we became committed gypsies. Our awesome realtor family friends Mike and Marie have this place listed for sale.

This totally off-grid earthship is far closer to a “move-in ready” state than any other earthship we’ve seen outside of the Earthship Institute.

It’s on 35 wooded acres just east of our place and it’s a lot closer to Fort Collins. The elevation is lower which makes it perfect for summer gardens and livestock. It even features a separate art studio. I’m telling you, this was our dream property when we were first looking.

Today while we were out at the post office, we considered braving the latest snow storm and going to take a look at it but then decided not to. We’ve got wandering’ in our blood now and there’s no going back. But if you like the idea of nesting for a spell, give Mike and Marie a call, they’ll be happy to show it to you.

 If you’d like to see what a completed earthship looks like, check out this Earthship Institute tour video we made.


11 thoughts on “Calling All Hippies, Northern Colorado Earthship for Sale”

  1. hi…i have a 23 y. o. 110 foot long earthship in high rockies, 20 minutes from Cripple Creek that needs reframing and a roof….i will owner finance..or rent in exchange for work.. over an(can be commercial), acre w/ little pond ,a creek…. has power and water from a spring. I also have water rights… i am open to any and all suggestions. I am a 65 y.o. woman who built it and my energy is gone..please call christine 250 636 2644 or email earth thanks and best of all w/ your project!!!

    • Wow Chris that sounds awesome. Send us some photos and we’ll write about it here. We love Earthships (just not enough to buy one ourselves).

  2. I built the 1st earthship in Park county Colorado in 1994…… was a lot of work…..It has been a head ache, tennant abusing it, growing 100 pot plants so the roof needs redoing…I have redone the roof once ready to sell it……would be the perfect pot greenhouse….anyone ready for a good me..

  3. When you looked into it, how much was it to have the earthship team come build? I was looking in Wellington or laporte and just found these homes and would LOVE any info! (A consultation with them is like $250 just to talk). Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • No idea Sarah…the only thing we’ve ever considered about building an earthship was doing it ourselves. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your research!

  4. Well, I was a super-hippie when I was young. Sold tie dies and jewelry on the Drag in Austin. Very stereotypical, hair almost to my waist. Actually was a hippie capitalist, now just more of a capitalist I guess. I can really relate to the wanderlust and the trepidation of owning a home. I have 2 now, and I wish I had none at all sometimes. You can really grow weary worrying about this or that thing that needs fixing or maintenance and man, property taxes are just insane in Florida. I guess I can just live vicariously through your adventures. Best of luck

  5. Hey Rene,

    Before I started looking into building my RV. I wanted to build a log home that was Eco friendly and off the grid. Solar and wind power, reclaimed rain water. I even looked into creating bio-diesel. I had a diesel car and tractor. But BP gas started buying up all the waste oil in my area so that went out the door. I’m not sure how “hippie” that was, but I understand the desire.

    I guess my skoolie would fit the hippie style. And I do like Tie-Die 🙂


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