More Quick RVing Video Tips

As promised, here are a couple more of our quick video tips from the RV Travel Daily Tips newsletter.

Make Space in Your RV Kitchen

Watch this short video to hear René share how we save space and weight in your RV kitchen with flexible cutting boards. Then, read about other considerations we’ve discovered about cooking in an RV, check out our must-have RV kitchen item, or see what other top RV kitchen appliances other RVers can’t live without.



Keep Heater Vents Clean and Your RV Warm

Here’s another short video where I explain an easy way to prevent dirt from entering your RV heating vents with the added benefit of being able to direct warm air where you want it. By using flexible magnetic sheeting or Magnetic Vent Covers, you can keep ducts free of debris while keeping cold air from entering your rig. We also discovered that by covering certain vents, we can divert more warm air to the bedroom or bathroom.


NOTE: Always keep at least one vent uncovered when the heater is on and consult with your heater manufacturer if you have any concerns.

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