The Nu Crew Meets Up at the Q

Snowbirds like us head to Arizona for its warm winters, but for some reason, Mother Nature thinks that this entire continent should experience a real winter this week.

I know we should be thankful we’re not in the Midwest tonight. But that’s why we do what we do, to get away from awful winter weather!

Since we’re boondocking with solar and our Honda genny isn’t really ideal for running the heater, we’re really, really cold, and testing the limits of our heartiness.

Our Wyatt Ray doesn’t seem to mind.

NuRVers Gather

We arrived here after a week at the Slabs, just in time to catch the last week of the NuRVers meet-up.

Since the end of December, various members of NuRVers have taken over a small patch of dirt here at La Posa South.

The cool kids told us we missed out on a lot of the fun, like the fireside sword swallowing show, but the crew wasn’t too spent to save some for us.

Along with nightly potlucks and good eats, there were copious amounts of cocktails consumed while sharing crazy stories about life on the road.

And in-between the raucous evenings in front of the campfire, we worked hard at our creative endeavors to fund this ideal lifestyle.

From accountants to graphic designers, we all embrace the technologies that allow us to live without boundaries. With Internet access on the road, anything’s possible.

Are you Nu?

NuRVers is a group specifically for RVers who break the mold.

Forget the stereotype of a crotchety, decrepit old couple cruising across America in their golden years.

We are singles, couples and families who choose to break from convention and live our lives on the road, enjoying all that this great big world has to offer.

You don’t have to own a certain type of RV to belong, and nobody will judge you based what you drive or how you look, whether your straight or gay, twentysomething or beyond.

Nobody will tell you how you “should” tow your toad or dump your load, and there’s no know-it-alls who are allowed to run the show.

The only criteria for joining is having a free spirit attitude that welcomes diversity, fun and spontaneity.

Some folks, like Trippin’ with Stanley, have just embarked on their road trip lifestyle. While others are veteran road tripping warriors who’ve been doing it for years. There’s no end to the different ways we all reached the conclusion that life on the road is just more fun!

As Jim and I head into our fourth year of this slightly unconventional lifestyle, it feels great to be connected with such a great group of people who we have so much in common with.

The Nu party is over now, and everyone’s gone their separate ways. But we’ll stay in touch in the Forums, and probably meet up again this spring, somewhere in the Texas Hill Country.

Tonight, as the mercury drops to the lowest temperatures this state has ever seen, I’ll dream of the day when the weather becomes more civilized, and the umbrella drinks will start flowing once more under big starry skies with the NuRvers crew.

16 thoughts on “The Nu Crew Meets Up at the Q”

  1. I hope some warmer weather has found you guys. And it sounds like the NuCrew is your kind of folks! Have fun and keep up all the good work. Wish we could see you guys back here in the east – but not at this time of year!

  2. Paying the high price in FL. But with full-hookups i have the air on as i’m typing this!!! Sorry to hear its FREEZING there! Time for a cold one to take to the pool…might as well use all the tools here. he hee.

  3. We’ve been in Tucson for the last week. We were boondocking also. We got down to 18 last night and had to sleep with the windows open because the carbon monoxide beeper kept going off. Even with the windows open! We’re headed back home where it was minus 9 last night!

    • Dang! Sorry we missed you, we plan on being there next week. You’re nuts for going back home! As for the carbon monoxide beeper, we always disconnect ours when we’re boondocking, it takes up too much juice. I know, pretty foolish.

  4. Great article Rene!! Thanks for the shout out as well!! Last night was miserable at 18* in Tucson, hopefully you stayed warm. I will be excited for when our paths cross again!

    • Ohhh brrrrrrr! We stayed warm with every blanket on the bed and Wyatt too. Wasn’t sure if we’d wake up this morning or someone would find our frozen bodies someday, but we survived! Glad you did too.

  5. Fabulous blog on our time in Quartzsite! It was great meeting you and look forward to seeing you somewhere on the rode sometime soon!! And thanks for the Escapees Boondocking tip – I have downloaded the file & after our month is Quartzsite we know we can do this!!


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