Freedom Can Be So Inconvenient

Full-timing is a life of freedom, but it always has a cost. From putting up with freezing weather, to dealing with inconveniences like finding out your house batteries are going bad (more on that later), the open road has a price.

We’ve had more than our share lately. And while it was so nice to move from this weather in El Paso yesterday:

El Paso Snow Storm

To this weather in Tucson,


We’re now paying another price.

Thanks to the Escapees Days End Directory, we have this sweet boondocking spot to ourselves, just about 45 minutes west of Tucson.

What’s the Problem?

That little sign that you see in the picture. We were so tired when we pulled in yesterday, we didn’t see it. As a result, this morning a Nazi BLM park ranger paid us a visit.

Jim made me stay inside while the ranger demanded to see his driver’s license. I tried to stay calm as she ran our plates. After prying into our lives, the ranger (who was relatively nice after all) asked us to move a half mile down the road to an acceptable spot.

In the meantime, Jim is at the Tucson Apple store today, something about his laptop battery going bad. Or it could be our house batteries. We’re not sure which yet.

After driving over 1,000 miles in two days, we finally beat winter at its own game and are back in the dry, sunny landscape of the southwest. The last two months of being tied to the grid, awning-to-awning in RV parks from Virginia to Livingston are behind us, and we can finally breathe again.

We like this area, but not that much. Instead, we’ll head out to Quartzsite today. See you there!

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