We Brake for Hairballs and Other Oddball Attractions, Do You?

Do you brake for oddball roadside attractions, like the Cathedral of Junk, life-sized jackelopes and nuclear bomb testing grounds?

We sure do! And our November jaunt to Virginia was filled with them.

For example, we made a detour to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation Museum in Jefferson City. If you love animals and are just a bit curious about veterinary medicine, this is a stop worth making. For the price of a donation of your choice, you can see rare and unusual objects of veterinary medicine like:

Weird objects extracted from animals, like the largest hairball ever found in an animal’s stomach


Largest Hairball Collection Veterinary Museum Columbia, CO


The growth pattern of a calf fetus

Calf Fetus Growth Veterinary Museum Columbia, CO

And Siamese piglets

Siamese Piglets Veterinary Museum Columbia, CO

The vet museum is a rare opportunity to get a firsthand glimpse at how far animal medicine has come. See the wooden table in the picture below? Until recently, veterinarians performed major surgeries on tables just like this, without anesthesia or sterile conditions.

Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation Museum

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, this pet-friendly attraction is worth a stop. I encourage you to go in your toad, however, since the tiny parking lot barely had room for our compact rig.

When you’re looking for oddball roadside attractions, be sure to check out Roadside America. We constantly use it to find unusual tourist attractions to visit during our travels.

What’s your favorite oddball attraction?
And what source do you use to locate your offbeat destinations? 

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