Guns and the Law of Attraction

I wanted to write  about something fun today but I can’t. It’s hard to write anything without acknowledging the horrific mass shooting in Connecticut.

Jim and I don’t have kids and I can’t fathom having to explain awful events like this to a child. WTF? I just couldn’t explain the absurdity of America’s gun culture to a kid, without swearing like a trucker or getting angry and all riled up.

An Awakening

I didn’t used to think this way.

I used to believe in the NRA and gun owner’s “rights.” Growing up, there were guns in my house and I knew exactly where my Dad kept them.

Did my family ever use these guns for sport? Rarely. The closest hunting was hours away.

I can’t help but think the reason my Dad used to own so many pistols and semi-automatic rifles was out of paranoia. The nightly TV news does that to people.

Back when I was a city girl, I packed. Did guns ever make me feel safer? Never. When I used to carry one, it was all I could think about. I would constantly wonder, Could I take a life? The older I got, the more I realized that every act, every intention and thought of mine sends repercussions throughout the Universe. At that point, I knew I couldn’t answer that “Could I use it?” question with certainty. So I stopped packing.

Several years ago Jim and I spent time with British adventure journliast Ted Simon. Ted has traveled the world several times over by motorcycle, and not once has he ever packed a gun. When we asked him why, he said

“Because a gun just invites trouble.”

He’s so right.

When you bring a lethal weapon into your life, the law of attraction inevitably invites its cousins: Fear, Paranoia and Anger, whether you realize it or not. Eventually, these things will catch up with you in one form or another.

I choose not to invite these things into my life. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Guns and the Law of Attraction”

  1. I’m not sure what the answer to these horrifics act are. I do know since Chicago implemented some of the toughest gun laws in the country, that is when the gun violence increased. Criminals don’t care about laws. Law abidding citizens in Chicago are left unable to protect themselves from armed break ins, rape, attacks, as gun possession last I knew is illegal even in ones home.

    In my opinion it’s not about controlling the “tool” it’s about dealing with the people behind the tool. FYI…I personally don’t own a gun as I don’t feel I have the mental make up to use one. I think this is a much bigger problem with government agencies talking to each other and secrecy behind mental illiness… two cents!

    • Ingrid, you’re right, there needs to be more dialogue, and more support of social services in the mental health area. But where do you find those stats about gun violence in Chicago? And how current are they? I read recently that overall crime in the US is at its lowest point in over 50 years.

      • I don’t know about online stats, but the evening national news occassionally brings it up. We go back at least once a year to visit family and almost every day is another gang shooting aired on the local news. Think about it Chicago and D.C. have the strongestt gun laws and yet they have the worst crime. I could go on but won’t! I love Chicago and am very saddened by it’s decline. Even Oprah moved.

        Sending you warm holiday wishes and a healthy (Wyatt) and prosperous New Year!

  2. I have several guns (3), all are used for hunting. My fondest memories in life are hunting w/ my father and my son. All three of us are properly trained and very respectful of the danger that comes with using a gun. We only harvest animals that we love to eat, primarily white tail deer, elk and grouse. Having said this I would be agreeable to a ban on assault type weapons but would not be favorable to a complete ban on guns. We all keep our weapons in locked gun safes when not in use, kids do not have access without me being present.

    • Scott, I hear ya. Jim and I know hunters like you who use guns for hunting. I can’t ever see this country having a complete ban on guns, that’s just not going to happen no matter what some people say. In the meantime I just pray that more gun owners will behave just as sanely and responsibly as you do. Thanks for reading.

  3. I so agree with you on this. Would love to share this with your permission. It’s time that the collective consciousness of our country (and world) be a kinder, gentler one of caring for each other and not one of how to annihilate each other.

  4. I my dad had guns and went hunting. One day he was almost shot in the head by someone who said they did not see he out there. He got rid of everything and would not let me handle a gun. I had to carry a gun while in the service, but feel like Ted Simon, unless you need it for a job, it just invites trouble.


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