My Creative Way to Make Money on the Road

Finding ways to support your full-time RV lifestyle before retirement takes creativity and flexibility. Take some time to find your passion, then look for ways to develop it into a revenue stream. As long as you’re flexible enough to juggle several different types of activities that generate income, you can make your permanent road trip a reality.

I’ve always been a creative person. Although I temporarily abandoned my teenage dream to make a living as an artist, our more laid-back lifestyle allows me the time and flexibility to pursue my artistic passion. Today, one of them is making jewelry.

Creating pet-themed jewelry is a small-scale business I can take and do anywhere. All of my supplies fit into one 2×3 bin (for now!). This is one way that we help cover the insane Internet access and hosting costs of our Tripawds three-legged dog community. But come visit, you don’t have to have a three-legged dog to shop with us!

From inexpensive charms like this:

To custom metal stamped necklaces

and personalized blingy bracelets

I can hammer out pretty much any kind of pet-centric design for the animal lovers in your life. Drop me a line if you’d like to place an order and I’ll do my best to meet your holiday deadline.

Learn how you can make your road trip dream a reality.
Our ebook, “Income, Anywhere!” can show you how!

I owe a big debt of gratitude to fellow NuRVer Michelle Brunner of Remik’s Jewlery, for showing me the basics. Shop her store, then hop back over to my Tripawds Pet Parent Jewelry Shop for more styles of fabulous pet-oriented jewelry.


4 thoughts on “My Creative Way to Make Money on the Road”

  1. Love the jewelry AND the idea. I’ll be sure and visit your site….when this internet stops kicking me off…LOL. Hope Wyatt is doing better. I know how difficult it is having a sick pup. Enjoy the holidays and safe travels, Ingrid

    • Thanks Ingrid! Wyatt is doing a lot better, we go for a re-check tomorrow, hopefully he’ll get the green light to do some of his usual activities.

      Safe travels to you too! Looks like you’re having a great time out there.


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