RVing Biker Shows You CAN Have It All

When we were trying to decide between a fifth-wheeler and a toy hauler back in 2007, we had to choose between taking our beloved motorcycles along on our journey, or leaving them at home. We decided to simplify our lives, so we got a fifth-wheeler and nixed the bikes.

But a few weeks ago while camped out in a Virginia park that we affectionately dubbed “Hillbilly Haven,” we learned that you CAN take it all on the road.

Check out the motorcycle riding on the toolbox:

Wondering how the bike got there?

Check out how Evel Knievil uses a winch to take his bike along:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Ride on old geezer, ride on.

3 thoughts on “RVing Biker Shows You CAN Have It All”

  1. We felt the same way…been riding our whole lives so wanted to take our bike with us on the road. Had a hydraulic lift on our Excel 5th wheel and that hauled our bike. We now have a trike and have a Class A toyhauler and the trike occupies the garage. Need to have our toy with us. Been part of being on the road..exploring the area on our days off !


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