Workamping is Thinking Outside the Box

Are you making excuses about why you’re not on the road yet?

In the September / October Escapees Magazine issue, Escapees co-founder Kay Peterson wrote a great editorial about thinking outside of the box in order to kickstart your full-time RV travel dream.

In her monthly “Thoughts for the Road” column, she has a sensible rebuttal to every excuse people make about not getting on the road, including the one about not having enough money:

“Don’t be worried about running out of money. You can take minimum-wage jobs just for the experience. Your goal is no longer to “get rich;” it is to see the fascinating towns across America, meet people with different ideas and have unique experiences.

Work-camping jobs with a free full-hookup site are an easy way to earn money between trips. Site-sitting jobs are tempporary. Some RVers exchange their skills for a free site. Some use forgotten talents to create a traveling business. With today’s technology, it’s easy to work as you travel. These jobs may not make you wealthy, but the most memorable adventure come when you start thinking outside the box.”

– Kay Peterson, Escapees co-founder

One again, Kay is right. As Jim and I wrap up another summer workamping gig at the ranch, we can say with certainty that the challenging aspects of temporarily working for low wages in the tourism industry are a small price to pay in exchange for the perks that we’ve received, including:

  • a regular paycheck
  • free full-hookup campsite
  • loads of free food and drink from departing guests
  • awesome Rocky Mountain scenery
  • (mostly) great people
  • a practically non-existent fuel bill
  • free laundry
  • twice-weekly cookouts with more free food
  • perfect summer weather
  • all-access use of 2,000 acres of private ranch lands

We’ll admit, not all of our workamping jobs have been this good. But the only way to find out for sure what kind of workamping jobs work for you, is to get out there and do it.

Stop making excuses. Learn from experienced workampers, chart your course and get out to see this land in your RV!

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