We Kept Our Balls in the Air

September 1. We made it! Back in mid-June if you had asked me whether i thought we would survive our workamping summer, I would’ve told you I wasn’t sure.

Full-time workamping while running a small business on the road isn’t for wimps.

The last three months have been a non-stop, seven-day-a-week grind of keeping our balls in the air.

From the 40-hour a week ranch work to the additional 20 hours we’ve spent making sure our own business endeavors are humming along, we’ve hardly had time for anything else.

Well, except for the awesome Asleep at the Wheel concert that the Vickers generously treated us to with dinner, VIP seating and everything!

Learning to manage both gigs has been a huge physical and mental challenge.

But now that things are quieting down, I’m proud to know that we were were able to do it, without killing each other or pissing anyone off.

Oh, except maybe for the guest whose personal jeep I accidentally incorporated into the ranch’s rental fleet.

Sure, I might be two months behind on our business bookeeping, my writing projects have taken a back seat and my butt is a mile wide because I haven’t done a single running workout since Memorial Day, but that’s OK.

We made some money, we learned how to better handle stress and we’ll be on the road before the last leaves fall off the aspens!

4 thoughts on “We Kept Our Balls in the Air”

  1. Great to find your blog! I still have a full-time teaching job, but we like to use our summers to live on the road as much as possible, while I continue to work on my online business. We’ve been traveling the last few years in an 87 VW Vanagon camper: I teach accents for actors, so we make our way around the country picking up dialect recordings as we go – we plan our trips around my “to-record” list. The ol’ van has been a challenge of late, though, so we’re debating about our next step… Great to find someone workamping full-time!

  2. Wow, “Asleep At The Wheel”? Love their version of “Miles and Miles of Texas”,
    what a treat that must have been?

    Enrico strikes but with a B7 chord…

    • Oh they sang all the hits! There was only a couple hundred people there because the venue was small, which made it even better. They’re a great band to catch!


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