Kick Start Your Life with Dream Reboot

Just about six years ago, Rene and I had this big dream of selling our home and traveling the country in an RV with Jerry. We researched, saved, struggled and worked hard to make that dream come true. It wasn’t easy, but now we look back at the five years since we hit the road and couldn’t be happier that we did it!

If only we knew about the Dream: Reboot program back then, it may have been quicker and much easier to start living our dream life.

Dream: Reboot: 12 Weeks to Making a New Reality
is a 3-month boot camp in the art of dreaming big dreams
and the science of making them come true.

Nancy Sathre-Vogel knows a thing or two about following your dreams. She surmounted some serious obstacles to fulfill her own and has now bicycled 27,000 miles through fifteen countries with her family over the past four years. Her story has always been an inspiration for us to keep doing what we love. We were thrilled to learn more about Nancy’s dream and how she fulfilled it when we recently watched the new documentary I’m Fine, Thanks.

When we discovered Nancy now facilitates an intensive workshop to help dreamers make their dreams come true, we were more than happy to share the news with our readers. She sent us the following announcement and encouraged us to have anyone interested visit for complete details.

Do you have a dream?

Dream Reboot Lifestyle Design WorkshopIs there something stirring in the bottom of your soul calling you to a bigger life, a better life, an epic life, the life you know you were meant to live?

Perhaps it’s always been there, but you’ve been afraid to feed it. You’ve been told not to feed it.

Society has convinced you that big dreams and a life in technicolor is not for you.

And so you’ve settled for grey. You’ve settled for normal. You’ve settled for good enough.

But in your soul, you know that good enough is not “good enough.†Not for you. In the quiet place of your heart, you’re a Dreamer of Big Dreams.

What if we told you, “We know. We see it in you. And you can have your dream.â€

What if we told you you can have that dream?

What if we told you that we care so much for YOUR dream and want so much for YOU to live your Epic Life that we’ll help you?

We’ll walk along side. We’ll be your cheerleaders. We’ll equip and empower you. We’ll encourage the hell out of you.

And if you need it, we’ll even give you a kick in the ass that launches you full throttle into your dream life. Sign up for the Dream: Reboot today!

Free boondocking in WyomingStop dreaming and start living the life you want!

Dream: Reboot Program Now Defunct

EDIT: All links to the Dream Reboot program have been removed from this post. <sigh> Yet another great project idea domain has fallen into the hands of some casino gaming spam blogger.

You got this. You don’t need bootcamp, you need to make a plan, and make it come true.

5 thoughts on “Kick Start Your Life with Dream Reboot”

  1. Wow, a great and bold post Jim, so how about a word of caution and inspiration to all prospective “dreamers”.

    I embrace the notion of being mentored into the realities and actions of what it takes to pursue a fulfilled life – that is the aim of this program isn’t it? – or to live the life you believe you deserve and thus hoping your trigger will be tripped by your finger as needed and when needed.

    My deepest respect to Nancy Vogel because as a touring bicyclist I understand her ways but on a smaller scale, as a business owner and as an investor however I understand my ways so here’s my wee advice to those in need of a push/jump start toward pursuing their vision (the term “dream” doesn’t sit well with me but that’s OK) for how they wish to live. Here’s my short but potent list:
    1) Write down all of your habits / behaviors good or bad and ask yourself, “am I willing to make small changes to those habits so they serve my goals?”. For example, if you don’t like or won’t balance your checkbook then rethink your fear of this fundamental task. Would you do business with a banker who doesn’t know how a check book works? If managing your money is not your thing then your definition of success may not include money, fine, but you should master the fundamentals all the same. Saying you don’t like icky stuff like balancing a checkbook suggests misunderstanding, what other “misunderstandings might you have?”. Everything can be learned though it may be tough in the beginning.
    2) Do your fear the dark? Or, do you have the belly for risk? When was the last time you did something that required personal or extraordinary courage? Doesn’t have to be something big but write down an example of something you did out of the ordinary that required courage for the sake of something or someone else.
    3) Are you self-correcting? Or, do you learn from everyone and especially yourself? Success can have many definitions but the folks I regard as most successful are folks who learn on the job and then do the best they can at that job – bottom line, will you be your own best business manager?

    To conclude, so-called dreams tend to be the kernel of a desire, there’s no shortage of quotes that speak to this notion, but as a friend and observer of Jim and Rene’s odyssey, I have to say the award for happiness/fulfillment goes to those who plan just enough but not too much, have just enough discipline to pull it off but not too much, and then to those who have good decision making habits. It’s the capacity to accept and capitalize on personal and professional change that makes existence a lot of fun (or should make a lot of fun).

    Big respect and double-fist pump to those who say “yes, yes, yes” to uncertainty and doubt but with some sort of plan and to those with three legged dogs.

    The ever-striking Enrico (but not in the union sense Rene)


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