Our 15 Year Ride’s Been a Thrill, What About Yours?

What were you doing 15 years ago today?

I was sipping champagne, while Jim was toking on a cigar with his friends at Clint Eastwood’s ranch in Carmel. No, really. Can you see it?

We sure had class back then, didn’t we?

On May 17, 1997,  after two years of shacking up in San Francisco, Jim and I took the plunge and did the wedding deed in front of about 100 friends and family members.

We had no idea that 15 years later, our lives would be really different, and far richer than we could imagine.

Who needs a BMW and a Silicon Valley middle manager’s salary, when you can be a happy shiftless drifter living in an RV?

Each day I’m so thankful that I’m married to a handsome freak who shares the same dreams and hopes that I do. Happy Anniversary mi amore!

In 15 years, life can take you in a lot of different directions. So, where have the last 15 years taken you? Did these last 15 years turn out as you expected? Better? Worse? Or are you still dreaming about your ideal life?



12 thoughts on “Our 15 Year Ride’s Been a Thrill, What About Yours?”

  1. 15 years ago? wow, congrats to both of you! Yes, your wedding, classy and fun & do you remember the split in Jim’s pants? Hilarious!

  2. Listened to you both on Road Rebelles tonight. My hubby & I just celebrated our 14th year of marriage the day before you guys. Congrats to you.

    • Awww, happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Thanks so much for listening, it was fun to do the show with those crazy gals. Do share your story sometime when you get a chance…are you a fulltimer or an aspiring one?

  3. That was the happiest day of my life, really, and it only keeps getting better with this wonderful woman.

    Usually I’m the one to post such mush for the world to see, but this year she’s clearly beat me to it…

  4. What a handsome groom and beautiful bride! Congrats on 15 years of wedded bliss! You guys have had a great journey and no doubt will continue for many years to come. Bob and I are coming up on 27 years. 15 years ago we both had regular jobs and were raising 3 kids. My how times change, yes? Now we LOVE the RV and/or boating lifestyle and are so happy we got out of the rat race while we were still relatively young and healthy. Cheers to you two for the next 15 or 30 or 45 years! C&B

  5. Just came across you blog. Happy Aniversary!! Our 31st will be in 7 days. Yes, we had the life we wanted in silicon valley up untill 18 months ago when my DW lost her job and this past Febuary my position was eliminated. With both of us unemployed, we are trying to figure out how to ease into a life style similar to yours.

    • Hey Scott, happy anniversary! 31 years is amazing, I was just telling Jim I wonder what our life will be like when we hit 30 years. Congrats to you both! Please let us know how you and DW are doing in the search for a more fulfilling lifestyle. I promise, once you get a taste of the vagabondish life, you’ll never go back! We’re here to help, feel free to email if you have questions. Good luck, and thanks for reading/commenting.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY guys!! We’re almost at 15 ourselves and the past years have been the best of our lives. Very thankful for all the experiences we’ve had…and you guys are part of that journey!
    May your travels continue to lead you in the direction of your heart!

    • Hey Nina, well a congrats is in order to you two as well 🙂 I want to see your wedding pic when your big day comes up, OK? Thanks for the well wishes, you’re so kind!

  7. I was at your wedding 15 years ago hefting many a celebratory glass of sparkling wine, it was a hoot’n nanny for sure.

    If I may dust off my boots again, why so hateful toward BMWs? Where does this upwelling of contempt for BMWs come from? I sense no love for one of Germany’s finest crafted and designed automobiles? I drive a BMW, she’s a sweet ride and especially safe, I fear few folk in my mini panzer (X3) and you can’t afford fear when driving in southern California.

    All I ask is that you look deep into your RV’ing hearts and find a little spot to boondock your compassion and understanding for us BMW owners.

    A stricken’ Enrico…

    • Enrico, you MADE our wedding, that’s for sure! Hah, how can we forget?

      As for the BMW…don’t take that personally, you’re the exception. But if you want a really safe ride, get a Dodge diesel. That’s when people get out of your way.


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