Technomadia Movie Exposes Young Full-Time RVers’ Lifestyles

A few years ago, I read a Time Magazine article about a young full-time RVer named Kevin who earned Income Anywhere while working as a computer programmer. Reading his story was like finding a long-lost member of our tribe. Suddenly we weren’t the only young folks on the road.

I found him hanging with the old-timers at, and during one of our conversations, the NuRVers community was hatched.

A few days later, Kevin launched which has been rolling along ever since.

Anyone can join NuRVers, but you need to be an open-minded, forward-thinking person to do so.

Of course, a passion for diving headfirst into outrageous killer parties helps.

NuRVers Gatherings, Exposed!

NuRVers gatherings tend to be held on the fly and usually at the crossroads of where members’ driving routes intersect. Sometimes it’s just two rigs, other times it’s several. Members have spontaneously met in different places around the U.S., like Quartzite and Florida, but the group has only put on two “official” gatherings.

The last official NuRVers meet-up was held in 2010, in Gonzales, Texas.

Kevin and his partner Angie deserve a major kudos for doing almost all of the work to put on this historic event.

About 20 families gathered at the fabulously funky HillShade RV Park to share, learn and party. Party, a LOT!

Thankfully, fellow NuRVers Chris and Cherie of Technomadia documented the respectable parts of this the historic event. Recently, they shared some of this footage in a terrific video profiling the lives of young full-time RVers and how they make money traveling.

Watching this RVing video is a must for anyone who is curious about the variety of ways in which people can earn Income Anywhere. Take a look, and be sure to tell us how you make a living while traveling, or how you dream of doing so!

Thanks for all of your hard work on this Chris and Cherie. Great job!


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  1. My husband supports us by doing freelance web/graphic design and video. He has been doing freelance for almost 7 years now. He built his business through word of mouth and has has never had to advertise or anything. However now we are on the road he is having to make more of an effort to stay connected/network. I am a personal trainer and thought about trying to do online training but decided it was in our family’s best interest to focus on schooling the boys and finding cool places to visit.

    • Hey Jenn, your hubby and mine have a lot in common, and I like your attitude about staying healthy and eating well. We’ll need to meet up on the road sometime!


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