Go ahead, box me in.


Never mind the fruit in my closet.

One motto I have always enjoyed living by is, “Don’t box me in.” But after living most my life over the past few years in a space smaller than many of the trade show booths I worked in my previous life, I’ve come to realize something. I like living in a box.

You see, I’ve discovered that he best way to get out and enjoy all the land – lots o’ land, with the stars up above – is to take our little box of a home out there with us. Because many of those big open spaces have very tiny rough roads leading to them.

I may not be able to stand up in my bedroom, but I can take it pretty much wherever I want to go.

Right now that is Black Gap headquarters Campground. And that’s only because we couldn’t find a road suitable enough even for our 24′ fifth wheel among the few dispersed camping areas that are open here during the off season. (Off from hunting that is.) Heck, the roads we did scope out were barely suitable for our truck. This is no place for wimps.

“The main difference between Black Gap and the national park is isolation…” — Mike Pittman, Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist

And that’s why we’re here. Well, that and the fact that it is free! But while RVers are swarming Big Bend with their kids on Spring break fighting over the few established camp sites available this week, we’ve only seen one other person. And he was a Border Patrol agent making his rounds.

Which brings me to that pineapple by my shoes, and the tortillas under my bed for that matter. Any extended stay in such a remote location means seriously stocking up. On everything. And in a small rig that means getting creative when it comes to storage.

Strategic Storage Space in Small RVs

What do you do to strategically stow the provisions you need when you know you won’t be seeing another Trader Joe’s for months? [sigh]

Here’s a few small RV storage tips we’ve discovered:

The microwave makes a good breadbox, if the toaster isn’t currently stashed there.

Under the bed is a cool dry place for potatoes, and ideal for large bags of chips you don’t want to get crushed when packing cabinets.

Plenty of handy storage bins can be found at the dollar store for organizing under the couch. (Thanks Tracy!)

Focus on non-perishable goods when stocking up for any extended stay away from civilization.

There is always room for more wine.

2 thoughts on “Go ahead, box me in.”

  1. Been there — the grocery stocking before heading far off the beaten path.

    But, a microwave — and a toaster. Never have had a toaster. Found that reheating on propane took about the same time as the microwave. So the microwave was history. Opened more storage space. A downside to everything — heating on the stove there is more cleanup. So to avoid the cleanup, I’ve gotten to enjoy cold leftovers.


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