Things RVers are Thankful For

Unlike many things in life, Jim and I found that RV road tripping is all that it’s cracked up to be (for us, anyhow). On this Thanksgiving holiday, here are a few RV-related things we are thankful for. Now, if you’re a RVer, what are you thankful for?

RVers are Thankful For:

Adventure. From far-reaching corners of North America, like Big Bend National Park to the coast of Maine, traveling by RV allows us to see so much more of this country than we ever thought possible.

Escapees Days End Directory. One way we can afford to live this lifestyle is by finding free camping spots. Our preferred method: this $10 Days End Directory that you can only get through Escapees. We’ve literally saved hundreds of dollars with this guide.

Experience. Each year our lives become richer because of everything we experience on the road. It’s not always perfect, but even when things have sucked, we learned better ways to handle adversity. When you live in 200 square feet, you’re forced to roll with the punches instead of punching each other out!

Freedom. We live life on our terms, outside of the box and far away from mainstream ideas about how adults are “supposed” to live their lives. We are grateful for the freedom to choose this path.

Free Public Lands. The West is definitely the best when it comes to free camping in America. With so much free camping to choose from, you could spend a lifetime boondocking west of the Mississippi and not camp in the same spot twice.

Friendship. RVers really are some of the nicest, most social people around! We’ve met more people since hitting the road than we ever did by living in one spot, and most of them have been great. It’s so much fun to randomly meet members of your own tribe when you’re traveling.

Internet Connectivity. With the Internet available anywhere you go (especially if you have a Motosat dish), your office view can change every day when you make a living on the road.

Pull-Thru Campsites.  Our little 24′ fifth wheel can fit just about anywhere, but let’s face it, pull-throughs are so much easier to park in, especially after a long day on the road.

Being Debt Free. Everything we enjoy about living on the road wouldn’t be possible without a simple, debt-free RVing lifestyle.

Staying out of debt gives us the fearlessness we need to explore new ways of making a living, like our newest business venture that we’re so crazy about!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow as we sit down to dinner in Austin with our RVing friends, we’ll raise a glass to these perks of living the road tripping lifestyle. Now, what will you toast to on Thanksgiving?


11 thoughts on “Things RVers are Thankful For”

  1. Ditto to the lists above, and one other thing I’m thankful for about the RV lifestyle is the ability to mostly live outdoors! Because our 5th wheel trailer (8′ by 21′) is only 168 square feet, we sleep, shower and chop food in it, but that’s about it. We mostly live/hike/socialize/eat/explore outdoors, and one of the big things is that we can do this because we follow the weather/season! If we had to stay in rainy Seattle all year (home base) we would live indoors except June thru September. In our RV we can be outdoors almost full-time even in December, February and April!
    Hugs, C&B

    • Here! Here! One of the biggest reasons why we could never live up in our mountain place all year is because the time you can spend outside is so limited. I get so bummed out when the weather dictates when I can and can’t have fun outside. I’ll take this “chasing the sun” thing any day!

  2. George Carlin once said “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” Not you two as you’ve got eyes wide open while living the universal dream of travel and community, what could be better – congratulations Jim and Rene! Thank it up you two, Thank it up!

  3. I’m thankful for tons of stuff, including inspirational RVers and Dawg lovers like you guys!
    The Wiley Riot Circus is gonna be spectacular (or a spectacle…they’ll decide!) Ha!

  4. I’m thankful for people like you two (Rene and Jim) that pioneer the way and make that like seem way less out of reach and doable well before I am 60. I’ll get there….closer every day 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving and I love you guys!

  5. This is a great list! I’ll add that I am sooooooooo grateful for people like yourself with RV full-timing experience that take the time to share so newbies like me get a clue!


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