Even Snowbirds Need a Winter Route

Summer is in full bloom here at 8,500 feet and we are loving it! But the other day, we had the talk.

“What do you want to do this winter?”

“Are we caretaking? Are we Slabbing? Renting a space with full hookups?”

Notice how workamping or getting a seasonal job didn’t come into the conversation.

We might consider caretaking if the right gig in Texas came along, but long ago we concluded after my last failed attempt to work for The Man that seasonal work was more emotional trauma than it was worth, and even the best  workamping job would take us away from that which we do best. So forget those ideas.

Winter 2011/2012: Now What?

The only thing we know for sure is that we don’t want to stay here as late as we did last year, when the snow was so deep we couldn’t find the trailer.

Originally we had grand plans of making another East Coast loop, but it looks like that idea’s getting shelved until our income is up and we can justify the expense.

East Coast RVing will drive low-budget snowbirds into the poorhouse.

For us, the West is the Best, and that is where we shall fly. Onward to the free boondocking lands of New Mexico, Arizona, California and then, finally, to our long-awaited return to all points east, west, south and north Texas (which isn’t all that cheap, but it sure is fun!).

So now our question is, What are YOU doing this winter?

13 thoughts on “Even Snowbirds Need a Winter Route”

  1. You’re welcome to park your RV and spend as long as you want. We have gotten things better for trailers on our driveway since the last time you came. We’d love to see you again!

    We haven’t made out winter plans yet. We do plan on sticking around here more next year and doing some shorter trips in the Four Corners area. There’s a lot to see and explore here!

  2. We’re definitely heading SW somewhere for winter. Thinking some time on the coast, some time in the desert and then who knows….it’s all very loose right now. We may well drop thro’ Quartzite (not sure yet) and we’re also thinking boondocking in Borrego Springs. Either way keep in touch. Would love to meet you guys!

    • Nina, we would love to meet you too! Latest talk with NuRver folks here is we’re thinking of Yuma in winter. Borrego is another great choice, let’s bounce some ideas around soon.

  3. If we don’t meet up with you through the NuRVer’s gathering then hopefully we’ll cross paths some where down the road! Any idea where the NuRVers are gathering this year?

  4. I’m envious! Not because you’re unshackled or liberated or can simply blow with the wind but rather because you’re from Whittier Rene and people from Whittier are funnier than everyone else. They are known for delivering sharp yet biting barbs on whim and command, hell, who doesn’t want that? But is anyone laughing about the economy? Nope, no one it seems, not even the chortling and quip throwing denizens of Whittier can serve up some light whimsy these days, or can they?

    We the people ask, “where will we work? What will we do for revenue?” If the bond market fails fellow citizens so does all else, or, at the very least if interest rates on bonds go up so do prices all around, then what? Interest rates today or should I say this week have never been lower, but that’s because buyers still have confidence in the U.S. economy, that we will pay our debts and that we will honor our payment plans, but what about Joe Paycheck or Sally Wage-erner? How can they keep up when more and more manufacturing jobs and outsource-able jobs are being sold out to India, China, Indonesia, and so on, there won’t be much to laugh about in Whittier if things keep going as they are – so what’s the answer? How do we undue the ever tireless pursuit of higher margins via lower wages?

    The aforementioned nations are not bad countries, they are like us, but maybe a bit hungrier. They want what we’ve had for many years and now the formula is hardly a secret on how to achieve it: develop exceptional skills and undercut the competition by creating a cost effective niche. If you’ll recall, those of us who have been self employed have been doing this for years, now think of it on a global scale and viola, globalization is biting you in the pants like a Kentucky chigger.

    So how do we live? Where do we live? And what do we do for work? We do what cannot be taken away from our rich soil, we create a reality show that stars 300 million people and have Google sell the advertising and then distribute that content to viewers all over the world. Let’s see at currently 6.3 billion people that’s a lot of prospective viewers. Think Bachelorette but with even bigger emotional train-wrecking behavior, I think China and India would get a big kick out of watching Americans feign hurt and insult to ones character as the day is long, they’d be initially perplexed but I sense the knee slapping would start soon enough.

    What could be more relaxing after a 12 hour shift of soldering integrated circuits on PCB boards in Quanzhou than watching “America: Rubber Titted Whack Jobs and The People Who Love Them”? What I ask you? There of course will be content that focuses on less superficial programming such as “Mouthy Entitled Whack Jobs With Leaking Rubber Tits” or “Knuckle-headed Truckers Who Regret Failing Calculus AP in High School” but who knows what our fickle overlords will respond to, time will only tell.

    The bottom line? America is for sale and to the lowest bidder.

    Enrico strikes with a pen stolen from Whittier, California!

    • “Rubber Titted Whack Jobs”

      Enrico, I don’t know where you come up with these things.

      America’s been on clearance for quite some time. Canada, here we come!

  5. speaking of “workamping”i can recomend a lovely place in the “land of eternal sunshine”a.k.a. whittier ca. ggood food,cheap plentiful cerveza & a cute little dog named florence !work at your own pace, see ya !

  6. Not sure which way we will be going yet… But i do feel the pull starting! Was in FL last winter. It might take a few months to decide but its all good! Cheers.

  7. Last winter we only had 7 weeks to go….. We did the Arizona and New Mexico boondocking and a few weeks at The Slabs too! This winter might be saving the pennies as Steveio can retire in 2013 and then we will full time it. Wheee


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