Explosive Surprises Await Silly Snowbirds

Weather is crazy everywhere right now but apparently in Northern Colorado, springtime weather extremes are a way of life.

Red Feather Lakes Freezing Fog Coats Pines with IceWe arrived  here naively thinking we had beat Mother Nature at her own game. The sun was out, the snow was melting and it was almost warm.

But Gaia had other plans. Instead of warmer days ahead, we’ve been pelted with snow, hail, thunder and rain since we arrived.

Tips for Flying South

The first question a lot of people ask us when we tell them we shut down the homestead and fly south is “Aren’t you afraid of what you’ll come home to?”

My answer is….not really. I do my best not to invite negativity into my life by thinking the worst. I hope for the best and do what I can to prevent mishaps in my life.

What Not to Leave Inside

Our place is in bear country and right about the time we come home, the bears are waking up. Leaving any edibles inside would be stupid. And, as this picture shows, messy.

We left a stash of wine here and are really lucky it didn’t uncork! This is the worst situation we’ve encountered after returning to Jerry’s Acres (find me some wood, quick!).

It says a lot about a place when the inside of an unheated house can get so cold that soda cans explode.

I can’t imagine living here during winter, even with the heater running.

Other things we do to protect the house from weather include winterizing the plumbing and setting out bear un-welcome mats.

That’s about it. There’s not a lot to think about when we fly south for the winter, except trying to find warm weather and figuring out how we’re going to pay for our adventure.

Had we chosen a place in a more populated area, I’m not sure we could live this lifestyle. I wouldn’t want to leave a vacant house with more people around.

But up here in the sticks, things sit untouched all winter while the snow falls.

Would you want to visit?

Summer Beckons

Home Cheapo isn’t getting our business the summer. The only business we’ll be taking care of is work that will help generate more income.

We have more RV adventures to share with you, but you won’t be reading about my high altitude gardening attempts either.

That’s because we’re  hitting the road again in August for another Hay Chronicles at Vickers Ranch over in Lake City, one of our favorite places in the world. Jim’s getting even more fit for some heavy hay lifting and I suppose I should try to recall how to clean cabins again.

Until then, can someone please tell me, where the heck is spring?

It’s freezing here!











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