Almost Here: First Dump of the Season

Nope, not a sewer dump, but a snow dump.

We knew we were pushing the envelope by staying here this long.

Last year at this time, we were already in Nevada, working as Satan’s Minion and far from the treacherous winter snowstorms that blanket our little piece of the Rockies.

This year, Fall really hung on, and we were happy to be able to watch the Aspens transition from day-glow fall colors to stripped down versions of their former summer glory.

Our plan was to leave this weekend, but we still have so much to do, and wanted Wyatt to get one more lesson in on Saturday morning. He can use all the help he can get. So we decided to leave on Monday or Tuesday.

But now, the newest weather forecast calls for snow showers and the heaviest snowfall of the season, with no reprieve in sight until Wednesday of next week.

Looks like our ETA for our friends in southern Colorado….Tinytown, Lake City and Pagosa Springs…won’t be until a week from today, when hopefully we can pull our trailer out of the driveway and up into the muddy, steep 6 percent grade that climbs up to our main county road.

For now, we’ll light the fireplace, bundle up and settle in.

The snow’s about to hit the fan.

3 thoughts on “Almost Here: First Dump of the Season”

  1. Have fun during your last week. I totally understand not wanting to leave. I’m glad we don’t have to leave here. If you get the chance, you’re welcome here again.

  2. Good luck stayin warm, fireplace sounds like a wonderful idea, but I’ve always been a fireplace, wood stove and camp fire junkie. One of my favorite things about the cold is the excuse to light a fire and curl up in front of it with a hot drink and warm book, or warmed brandy/conac and some mellow music.

    Bon chance,


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