Time. To. Leave.

Wyatt and Jim walk property in the SnowA word to the wise for any snowbirds living in potentially freezing temperatures who may be trying to squeeze every day they can out of their “summer” stay…

If you prepare your rig for departure, leave immediately!

We were feeling pretty good about staying here at Jerry’s Acres this long, considering we left right after last year’s first major dumping of snow in late September.

Frozen RV FaucetThen we decided to schedule our departure for this week, and started to get the rig ready over the weekend.

This included cleaning, packing, and yes, putting some water in the tank. Now we’ve had a couple cold days and nights. Freaking cold. Low twenties last time I checked.

Dodge Ram 2500 IciclesAfter the first night, we had frozen lines and a blown water pump fuse. We plan to winterize the house and leave tomorrow, with hopes that things will thaw out before we reach our first stop.

If we don’t leave now, you may see us on the next season of Ice Road Truckers.

Rene and Ice Road Dog Wyatt

12 thoughts on “Time. To. Leave.”

  1. Happy Belated by a day Birthday!!! Was thinking about you guys yesterday of course and remembered your travel sight!! Glad to see you have departed satans grasp 🙂 I’m still here kicking out wood, metal, and lumens…. Peace and love to you all…

  2. We know just how you two feel, last night it got down to 63 here in Newport Beach, we pulled out a blanket and huddled close. I’m wearing my thickest pair of shorts today so I get it, when you say cold you mean cold and cold it’s been here in so. Cal.

    And then was the other day when I had to use four instead of my usual three buttons on my aloha shirt, brrrrrrrr, says I.

    Now with regards to this “Mexican” thing? Aren’t you ethnically of Mexican origin?
    Don’t you have to be citizen of Mexico to call yourself “Mexican”? You were born in the U.S., hold a U.S. passport, went to a U.S. college, own a three legged dog – doesn’t that make you an American first? Maybe not in your heart but by law at least.

    The next time someone asks of your heritage you simply say “I’m proud to be from Los Angeles by way of my ancestors immigration into the stolen lands of the now called United States by way of the stolen lands of Mexico.”

    That’ll leave ’em scratching their heads.

    Enrico strikes again!

  3. Oh, dear~ Hope you can make it out safely. We are in Phoenix right now for work and it is getting a little chilly (70ºF) for us even for the desert weather…


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